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  • dernhelm
    Oct 1, 06:15 PM
    Well said. Maybe its time freeware communities such as OpenOffice make a HUGE push of functionality, portability, efficiency, and ability to work with Active Directory & Such to challenge MS.

    I thought about that as I wrote it. The main problem is that any application that matters will need to interoperate seamlessly with outlook clients and other exchange servers. It has got to deal with appointments, resources, etc, exactly the same way Outlook does. Since the details of all that is built on a closed platform, it won't be easy. You can try to compensate by interoperating with the open portions of Active Directory, but that wouldn't really be enough.

    That said, I really don't think it would be hard to outperform Exchange/Outlook, and you could provide similar functionality in a different way, but the real problem is interoperating.

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  • SuperCachetes
    Apr 17, 08:44 AM
    Ponzi schemes FTW. Europe will need 20 million immigrants by 2030 and way more by 2050 in order to maintain their lifestyle, or we could be monsters and kill old people.

    Or we could all be straight? :rolleyes:

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  • jeff1977
    Apr 7, 04:08 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Now if we could only get Super Mario Bros, I would be in heaven.
    Remember that nostalgic mushrooms and fire flower? LOL, I would love to see the entire suite....Super Marior Bros. 1, 2, 3, and all of the subsequent ones on the subsequent Nintendo consoles.....

    I wish but it'd never happen. Unless Nintendo's hardware stopped selling like Sega and they had no choice but to license their properties!
    And without gamepad support the experience would be just horrible.

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  • jav6454
    Jan 1, 08:46 PM
    I keep seeing it discussed but I don't know what it is. What is the best way to fold? What gets me the most points I know I can add things to the advanced section what do I put? And what is passkey.

    Passkey make you even more unique since it verifies it is actually you the one folding points. At least that's how I get it. Furthermore, with a passkey, you get more bonuses than without.


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  • samcraig
    Apr 27, 01:08 PM
    You know what people should be concerning themselves with today instead of this non-issue? The credit card and personal information of 77 MILLION users that was stolen from the Sony network this week. Now THAT is an issue.

    PS. Do you think Sony will get sued?

    How about keeping on topic. This thread isn't about Sony. Start a thread elsewhere if you want to discuss it.


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  • slffl
    Nov 20, 12:57 PM
    I played with a Samsung Blackjack this weekend and boy was that sweet (other than it was running MSMobile). I really hope Apple comes out with something like the Blackjack except with their own mobile OS.


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  • eric_n_dfw
    Apr 7, 05:46 PM
    They NEED 2 versions of iCade - one with joystick, the other with a Trackball and Knob... ;)

    100% agree. I've seen some of those self contained TV video games that are basically a joystick with RCA cables coming out the back that have a combo joystick & paddle - the joystick rotating to be the paddle. Never tried it though. (I think it was the Pole Position one.)

    But not being able to spin the knob on Tempest looses some of the nostalgia for me too.

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Sep 26, 10:02 PM
    I bought .mac last year and don't use it at all. The new webmail interface puts the email app on par with gmail except gmail still gives much more storage.

    Backup is OK but I find SuperDuper to an external hard drive to be more reliable (I couldn't get .mac to restore my backup when my hard drive crashed). The backup software is again hindered by the lack up storage. It might be more useful if at least my iTunes purchases were automatically uploaded to .Mac.

    Finally, I figured out how to subscribe to a google calendar with iCal and since then don't care if my calendar is in .Mac.

    Hopefully, Leopard and Time Machine will bring new uses for .Mac and a reason for me to buy it again but right now it is a $100 a year place to host my website which I could get for much cheaper as well...Please don't flame. This is just my perspective.


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  • nobunaga209
    Sep 6, 09:24 PM
    Updated from earlier in the month.

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  • kainjow
    Dec 17, 04:26 PM
    Yep me too, see http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=164522


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  • devrules81
    Feb 18, 10:01 PM
    Here it is. :)


    That is really nice!

    Original PLEASE! :)

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  • greenerob
    Apr 24, 06:57 PM
    Forget it, I am an idiot. I figured it out.


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  • SandboxGeneral
    Mar 20, 07:28 AM
    I don't have any horror stories, but at the end of this year I am going to drop two of the sites I maintain because of an extremely annoying woman. I do a site for her, and an association she is involved with plus many other sites for local governments, like townships.

    All of my clients are easy to work with and give me periodic things to update, fix or add. That's never a problem for me since they're paying for it. But this woman sends me things nearly everyday to do, wanting to change font sizes, add giant gaudy stars and attention grabbers and the like. She's one of those people who uses 15 question marks or other punctuation in her emails to express her tone or meaning. Oftentimes she want the exact same information that is on one page to be on another page, "just in case people don't click on the first page." I keep telling her that it is redundant to do so and people aren't as dumb as you think they are. Essentially she is a micromanager of her site and she also has authority over the association site I maintain too. So I get the same stuff from her for that one too.

    But wait! There's more! She also feels the need to send things to me for another site she has no business giving input towards (it's an association site her husband belongs to!) and offers her opinion to change things there too. This one really drives me nuts. She sent some changes to me a few months ago and CC'd the person with authority over this site. I ignored her request and subsequently so did the other guy. Then last week she FW's it to me again with giant font and multiple question marks wanting to know why I didn't do anything with it. I replied back saying that I was waiting for "Hank" to authorize it. So she fires an email off to him and I demanding that he authorize me to make the changes. Wouldn't you know it, he ignored her again! ;) I told the associations president and he is going to put a stop to her trying to mess with his site.

    But as I said, I am dropping her site and her association site at the end of the year. I don't need her money that bad. Living headache free and a bit lighter in the wallet is OK with me.

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  • Wiggleforce
    Sep 1, 10:54 AM

    http://uppix.net/2/8/3/8d80e216336ae2398952d10b5dc14tt.jpg (http://uppix.net/2/8/3/8d80e216336ae2398952d10b5dc14.html)

    Awsome interface you don't want so share? Orginal wallpaper, dock and icon links, please?


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  • sk58781111
    Apr 13, 10:59 AM
    so as android phones accelerate the pace of innovation with lte, nfc, larger screens, etc. etc., apple decides to slow down the pace of innovation? what the hell is your problem apple?!

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  • Australianglazi
    Apr 3, 10:45 PM
    This is a great offer. But how about unlimited calls to any states in the US? I think it would be very good for a subscriber who wants to call anywhere in the US. thanks.


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  • MaxBurn
    Apr 30, 06:02 PM
    How about one for rotation lock?

    Looks like the one I used to use doesnt work under 4.3+.

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  • medea
    Feb 23, 06:44 PM
    Ah, I had not noticed that the songs were all 1 rec'ers.

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  • Rot'nApple
    May 1, 08:45 AM
    I thought Apple folks found choice confusing? ;)

    No you heard and interpreted wrong. Apple folks love "choice", but what we find confusing is why relatively "normal" people 'choose' the non Apple products they choose?

    As an example... Want a digital music player, one buys a Zunes over an iPod... Why? Very confusing... :D

    Aug 16, 09:19 PM

    Oct 31, 10:50 AM
    When will a 2 gigglebyte chip ... become available?

    How many laughs can you fit on two giggle bytes? Enough for a G2 talking elmo?

    Mar 21, 02:02 AM
    You went back to school and you didn't learn how to bill or control a client? Your very first mistake was booking a $75 job with a 3 hour time limit. If that is all someone can afford, then don't work for them. In my experience, the cheaper they are, the more demanding they usually are. Your second mistake was giving the power to your client and not billing him for phone time. You didn't manage the job and you paid the price. I bet you didn't even have a signed contract. :eek:

    Oct 1, 05:58 AM
    Attachment issues :o

    Nov 12, 08:55 PM
    Jobs (and most of us here) are missing the point. It's not about getting a release window for the next iteration of FCP, it's about running a business and the need to plan according to a supplier's roadmap. This is one area where Apple totally blows: without awareness of basic features, likely timelines, and a clear product commitment, it's nerve wracking and borderline irresponsible to use Apple products in the backbone of any business.

    Cue the apologists, but I've been in the driver's seat on this and for serious professionals it is an abuse that Apple should stop. If a product is claimed to be for professional use, then give the professionals the information they need to plan and run their business. If you don't get why this matters, I'm going to guess you've never run a business where you had the responsibility for people's livelihood on your shoulders.

    You don't need to know a year ahead of Apple's product launch dates to run your business. There are lots of professionals using 5 year old software to get their millions of dollars of worth work done. I like software upgrades as much as the next guy, but just because it's cool to install new stuff, not that I'll be able to do much more than I can do right now with the new software.

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