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  • Ann Ruben
    02-20 05:56 PM
    Hi Simi,
    The fact that the company that sponsored your GC shuts down or files for bankruptcy should not have any impact on you. As long as you have an approved I-140, an I-485 pending more than 180 days and a job offer in the same or similar occupation, you are protected by AC-21.

    It would be prudent to make sure that you now have copies of all documents relating to your GC case, including complete copy of LC, I-140 petition and supporting docs, H petitions, pay records etc.


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  • wandmaker
    11-29 11:38 AM
    Thank for your reply
    As I interpret what you said If she comes back on H4 her H1 (i797) invalidates?

    Yes, she can not work until she files another h4-h1 (cos) - you will not be subject to cap, you can do that any time after she enters.

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  • Almond
    08-04 10:21 PM
    Today, I received an email from USCIS that my EAD application got approved. My receipt date is on the 3rd week of May of 2007. What I don't understand is that the current processing time at NSC for I-765(EAD) for pending I-485 is March 26th, 2007.....

    We have the exact same situation down to the receipt date :eek: I was so shocked I almost fell off my chair when I got my email. A completely unexpected surprise but a good surprise, nevertheless.

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  • Blog Feeds
    07-07 08:10 PM
    Temporary Protected Status and Expired Employment Authorization Documents

    One must accept a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiary's expired Employment Authorization Document (EAD) if DHS has automatically extended its validity in a Federal Register notice. Automatically extended EADs are listed on the USCIS web site. EADs issued to TPS beneficiaries will include one of two category codes: �A-12� or �C-19.� You must not require an employee to provide proof that he or she is a national of a country that has been designated for TPS.

    When creating a new case in E-Verify for newly hired TPS beneficiaries, select �Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766)� as the document presented and use the date to which the EAD was automatically extended as the expiration date. We recommend that you read the TPS information on the USCIS web site carefully, as the EAD automatic extension is usually shorter than the TPS extension date.

    When re-verifying an existing TPS beneficiary�s employment authorization in Section 3 of Form I-9, write down the date to which the EAD was automatically extended as the expiration date. Never use E-Verify to re-verify an existing employee�s employment authorization.

    Once the automatic extension of the EAD expires, re-verify the employee�s employment authorization again in Section 3 of either the original Form I-9 or a new Form I-9. The employee may choose to present a new, unexpired EAD, or any other document from List A or C of Form I-9 that shows he or she continues to be authorized to work in the United States. Federal contractors with the FAR E-Verify clause must follow special rules for verifying new and existing employees, including employees in TPS status. Federal Contractor needs to check the Supplemental Guide for Federal Contractors for more information.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2010/07/everify_news_tps_beneficiary.html)


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  • sk2006
    03-12 07:25 PM
    Jump-start U.S. growth through immigration


    Well you can Jump start a car whose battery is dead but rest of the electrical system is good.
    So after the jump start when engine starts it keeps running on alternator.

    Economy's electical wiring (Financial system) is in a big mess so jump start may not work. ;)

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  • neeidd
    07-23 06:39 PM
    Card production ordered
    PD 03/2008
    RD 8/10/2008
    ND 9/20/2008

    But my desi consulting company tells me it is safe to stay with them for another six months.

    PD is 3/2004 not 3/2008. Sorry about the confusion
    Could you tell us in which service center your I-485 was?


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  • h1techSlave
    03-10 12:12 PM
    carry police report or some other proof regarding the fire. my papers were stolen and I have always shown them the police report.

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  • rbharol
    09-08 03:01 PM

    You actually stayed awake to listen /Watch to this!!!!.. hey comeon.. don't let the immigration dream take away your sleep...enjoy while you can..life goes on..

    I am in California so it was 9:40 for me....
    I do not sleep before 10 anyway.


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  • boreal
    04-07 06:28 PM
    what do you think folks?
    Is he the "one" to relieve us of the current mess...

    ....and how? Do you think ppl from votefortheworst.com would publicize us too somehow? :-)

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  • acecupid
    06-05 04:27 PM
    Thanks! Keep the information flowing


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  • mirage
    07-08 12:59 PM
    I think we should start a new campaign be it a flowers campaign or a simple card or Fax/letter campaign. But we need to start this ASAP. We should a 'Seek information' campaign. Each of us write letters and faxes to DOS and USCIS and request them for this.

    In May'07 the DOS moved forward the visa dates by 2 years for almost all categories. What if USCIS received more than 140,000 applications enough to exhaust 2007-2008 quota in that case Visa dates will either won't move or may move 1-2 months through out the next year. And we like fools will keep watching the Visa bulletins just to be disappointed each month.

    Now since USCIS have already receipted (or will soon do it) all the June applications, they should be in a position to release the infomation on how many applications they received for each category and for each country. We will request both the agencies to work together and release some kind of statistics some predictions like what they expect for Sept visa bulletin and further. We are living in dark and information like this will give us some insight and will let us plan our careers. Until we press them for information they won't release anything.

    Guys please think about this seriously, I think this is the need of this hour.


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  • pappu
    03-02 08:09 AM
    It is sad to see nobody coming forward for help. It is everybody's fight. When someone takes initiative we should all help. There is nothing to fear while meeting lawmakers.

    All members in Georgia, please contact brij523 by sending him PMs and help him with chapter tasks. It is important that we all participate in our own state chapters.

    Coming to this site annonymously and posting all kinds of ideas for others to implement, or posting strategiic direction and commenting will not help. Members are fearful of even giving the correct email ids to us. Thousands of our emails bounced this week when we sent an email to our members. We want everybody to roll up their sleeves and participate in meet the lawmakers drive.


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  • Berkeleybee
    01-20 12:45 PM
    I just posted our issue of Legal Immigration in "Discuss" section of this news at yahoo news. Because these Groups are only raising the issue of Illegal Immigration Reform.
    Here is the direct link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060120/ap_on_go_co/immigration_coalition;_ylt=Ais126qg1vwFi9n0Md63Vfq yFz4D;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--

    Please highlight our cause in most popular media like c-span, msn news/blogs and many more

    Are you able to edit a post in the Yahoo News discuss section?

    Not sure whose post it is in the Yahoo News discussion section, that references Immigration Voice (it is signed by Shan) it would be great if the person posting could correct the spelling of legal (it now says Ligal) in the subject header.


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  • Hong12
    12-13 11:18 AM
    I have a big problem that I got approved on the H1 Recapture to get back into US on January 15, 09 though my attorney screwed up by putting someone else background into the Petition Letter submitted to USCIS with my application. The petition letter to USCIS is all wrong. It states the wrong education, work experience and job duty. They put somebody else background into mine. They put the correct sponsoring company on the first page of the letter though at the end of the second page they put the wrong sponsoring company. In this case, what should I do and what should I answer at the US Consular in Malaysia to get my H1 Visa? What should I do now? Please advise. Do I have to resubmit the application back to USCIS? Will I get rejected? Please help. Thank you very much.


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  • asdf74
    10-03 12:20 AM
    I applied under EB2-NIW on July 28, 2007. Under the concurrent filing allowed at that time, I submitted NIW, I-140, I485, and EAD applications for me and my wife. I have changed jobs, and joined a new company last week.

    Since I filed a self-petition, my application should not be directly affected by this move. However what do I need to do to inform uscis about this change, so that my receipts/EAD etc. do not go to the wrong place, or worse, get returned by the post office.

    Please advice. Any additional info/experience would be great.

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  • masala dosa
    01-13 12:42 PM
    I have EAD that is valid till Dec 2007, but I will be on leave of absence overseas from mid Feb to October , 2007. ( my Travel parole also expires in Dec 07)

    My I-485 is pending with PD Jul 2002 ( EB3 india)

    Will this time off destroy my Green Card application?

    ( does the EAD lose its validity if I stay overseas for >6 months and will this impact my GC process?)


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  • HappySnap
    February 10th, 2006, 08:08 PM
    RAW 2
    TIFF 2
    JPG L 2
    JPG S 3

    I almost always shoot in RAW unless I need high speed, but I know that I was getting 6 frames in the buffer with RAW - for at least the first 2 years.


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  • jfredr
    08-29 07:13 PM
    i would suggest just provide whatever they asked

    Consult ur lawyer

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  • zCool
    10-21 12:39 AM
    Relax.. it's no big issue..
    Unless you are going to use it for Driver Permit application or something.. no one cares..

    Your 485 App shoud have right name that's it

    03-19 02:10 PM
    I called Kennedy's office regarding the CIRCUS bill getting introduced..and I got cut off..due to phone problems..could you guy try?..

    05-20 06:11 PM
    "05/19/2008: Passage of H.R. 5571 for IMGs Failed Today and Postponed Until a Later Date

    The House floor failed to pass this bill and postponed until the undetermined date for final action."

    This bills is to renew Conrad 30 program which is set to expire June 2008. This bill is sponsored by Zoe Lofgren and has been posponed until the undetermined date!

    This is a vital provision for J1 physicians for waiver opportunities but I have not found much on this on the internet besides above quote from Oh law firm.

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