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  • wanna_immigrate
    02-09 01:14 PM

    "In a recent panel discussion at the Library of Congress, Bill Gates suggested to "get rid of the H-1B visa caps," finding the numerical limitation for technology workers "questionable," suggesting that "the theory behind the H-1B" (cap) is "too many smart people are coming" to temporarily work in this country."

    I wonder if the richest man in the world can understand and feel the pain about this why it is so hard for sen. and congress. Why corporations like microsoft is not stepping up.

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  • MDix
    09-28 09:14 PM
    Twenty Legislative Priorities for Lame-Duck Session, including DREAM. This is our chance to PUSH RE-CAPTURE.

    Democrats to stuff 20 bills into post-election lame-duck session - TheHill.com (http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/121223-dems-stuff-lame-duck)

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  • ca_immigrant
    07-09 12:25 AM
    I have filed my GC from Employer A , now I have completed 1 year since I 485 is filed. I have an offer from empyer B who is ready to transfer my H1B. Now my current H1B is expiring in Nov and I will be completing my six year in nov itself. If I go with employer B I am not sure for how long my H1B will be extended. Please advise suitable process for this.

    I believe you should be using your EAD + AC21 after 6 months of filing 485.
    did you check elsewhere in the forum, I have seena lot of communication about it before here.
    All the best !!

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  • reddymjm
    05-05 04:39 PM
    File another one with just the first condition.


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  • santhosh2k5
    09-28 03:10 PM
    Hi all,

    Please let me know what could be the problem. On Apr25, my status changed to Case Received and Pending. Last Updated Date is 05/18.

    When i contacted my employer, he says my petition is approved. But still when i find the status online, it's not reflected.

    What could be the problem?

    Any thoughts would be highly aprpeciated.


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  • reddy77
    10-24 03:13 PM
    Thanks chantu, does that mean we need to keep renewing her EAD every year. Also, can we renew her h4 when I renew my h1. Thanks ....


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  • vine93
    08-11 01:07 AM
    Excuse me if its double post.

    Instructions for Electronically Filing Form I-131

    USCIS - Instructions for Electronically Filing Form I-131 (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=e650065d85cee010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=9059d9808bcbd010VgnVCM100000d1f1d6a1 RCRD)

    Who is Not Eligible to e-File This Form:
    You are not eligible to electronically file this form if:

    You have a pending I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence Status or Adjust Status currently at a USCIS office and you are eligible to file the I-131 for no additional fee.

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  • ursnkk
    11-22 07:42 PM

    I got my visa H1B from employer X in the year 2003 and travelled to US in jan 2004 immigration officials denied my port of entry saying employer X is non-existent and cancelled my visa and told to with draw my application and they have written 212(a)(c)(i)(i) on my passport.I went back to my home country and worked over there for 3 yrs. After sometime i got an offer from some employer Y,they have filed for my H1B and approved.

    When i went for visa to US Consulate visa officer told me that am ineligible for the H1B visa. I have explained them what exactly happened in 2004.

    VisaOfficer has asked to appeal for waiver using the form I-601,after my appeal to the USCIS, consulate has given the visa.I came to US in 2007 and working for same employer B .I applied for extension under the same employer B,got an RFE asking to submit aggrement b/w the client and the vendor,the requested documents are sent. After that USCIS sent NOID(Notice of Intent to Deny),gave the reason as :

    In January 2004 the beneficiay applied for admission as an H1 B Worker for company X.Under oath the beneficiary stated he never signed a contract with the petitioning company X,the petition company was found not to exist. Therefore, the beneficiary was found inadmissible under 212(A)(6)(C)(I) and 212(A)(7)(A)(I)(I) and permanently ineligible for the H1 Classification.

    USCIS has again came back with the same issue of my previous H1 B.

    I have been in US from 2007 June with employer Y ,after going through all the process in the year 2007 USCIS has issued my visa.

    Please advice me on this, any help fully appreciated.

    Thank you again for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.


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  • Siboo
    07-25 03:42 PM
    If I remember correctly, if your I-140 is "approved" and if your I-485 is pending for more than 180 days, then it "should not" be matter whether your I-140 is revoked or not.

    In your case, if you get RFE (what for????) , just send the AC21 letter and you will be fine.

    Just my thought on this.


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  • sameet
    02-14 10:01 AM
    My PD is Jan04 in eb3 catogory and I am from India. Currently I am working under EAD . My wife recently got job offer and her company is ready to file her labor under EB2 category. My question is thats ? will that be a problem when she files for 485 based on her labor since she already filed 485 based on my labor . Any suggestion is appriciated .

    From what I know, you can only have one 485 application pending at a timeeeeee. So your wife cannot file for 485 unless she withdraws the one filed under your labor.


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  • dallasdude
    02-23 01:41 PM
    Can anyone be kind enough to tell me how to talk to a real person at the Vermont Service center? It has been over a month since my employer received the receipt number from USCIS, but the case cannot be found online. I tried calling the number below, but the robot that talks says the same detais that I can find online.

    "Your case can not be found at this time in Case Status Online. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283."

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  • h_shaik
    10-25 01:30 PM

    I have received the EAD card yesterday with No finger prints available. But we have done our Finger printing before the EAD is approved. Approx 4 weeks before.

    Is this normal? Or i should contact USCIS about this?

    I know some applicants getting their EAD cards before finger prints were taken for them No finger prints available makes sense.

    Any responses are appreciated



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  • vin13
    12-21 04:06 PM
    I have to do a emergency travel to India and I did not get my advance during that time. I went to USCIS office in person and got the advance parole and flyed to India.

    Back in US I learnt from my wife that I got another copy of Advance parole which I have applied earlier. Both Parole documents look different in format and the one which I got from USCIS office does not have the SRC nubmer on it.

    If my wife sends the recent Advance Parole documents via FEDEX, not sure which document I should show up at port of entry..Plese help.


    Both are valid Parole documents. But technically you are supposed to have the approved advance parole documents with you before you leave the country. So it would be better for you to use the one you got from the USCIS office for this trip.

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  • ajay
    12-24 01:22 PM
    Create a new account using the following and follow the rest:

    Click on new user, then check mark the privacy policy then it will guide you step by step.

    It is a renewal and it costs $340 to you.


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  • chantu
    04-27 02:19 PM
    I have one question?

    What if my employer cancels I140 and I don't have any other job on my hand? This can be a possibility for me in near future. I am searching for a new job and my employer is going to cancel I140.

    Is it good to wait for any RFE or denial and if it occurs, just sending them new EVL of any consulting firm (with or without project) will help?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • spgtopper
    03-05 01:05 PM
    Good job Bee,



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  • H1B333
    02-25 01:11 PM
    Hi Everybody,

    Could you please recommend a competent and an experienced immigration attorney in the Central NJ area?

    I will be grateful to you for any help from you on this matter.


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  • sanjeev
    08-08 10:01 AM
    My wife filed for her I-140 on 7th July 2006, I asked the lawyer for the receipt on 20th July, Instead I got the I-140 APPROVAL on 29th July. I read it twice to confirm it was the approval notice not the receipt:)

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  • ps57002
    03-02 11:22 AM
    anyone know????

    01-29 02:29 PM
    AP 11 days for me :) this was in dec 2008 not sure abt jan 2009 yet...

    09-30 01:03 PM
    call me and i can tell what my RFE says and listen to u r s to
    214 597 0198

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