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  • Lord Blackadder
    May 5, 02:11 AM
    I want retribution, so do most americans.

    We have a right to defend ourselves. But revenge is not self-defense. We had a right to pursue bin Laden in order to bring him to justice, but the way we went about doing it reaped a sickening harvest of death, destruction and loss of international credibility all out of proportion to even bin Laden's value as a target. Al Qaeda was designed to function without a head, and bin Laden was a willing martyr. Some retribution.

    The real reason for the celebrations over his death is a perceived saving of face and rationalization of all the money and human flesh expended in the effort. You can take bin Laden's corpse; I'll take the trillion plus dollars and ten thousand American (and unnumbered Iraq/Afghan etc.) lives back, given the choice.

    As for enhanced interrogation, go for it. Skunk, i know you want the best for the world and im sure you're good intentioned, but many of your views are simply unrealistic. The world isn't that rosey.

    Still too squeamish to call it torture? The fundamental difference between terrorist organizations and authoritarian regimes on the one hand, and the civilized world on the other, is the latter's unwillingness to have recourse to violence. Policies of torture are unbecoming of a nation of people who purport to uphold the US constitution, regardless of the extreme methods adopted by our enemies. Once we sink to their level, we lose all our moral superiority and become victims of our own hate and fear as much as victims of the machinations of our opponents.

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  • kalsta
    Mar 20, 07:53 AM
    I'll probably do the business card for this guy, but if he approaches me with any larger projects, I'll most likely turn him down. :)

    The larger projects are the ones you make your money on. Little jobs sometimes hardly warrant all the time in initial consultation, doing quotes, invoices, possibly banking cheques and other admin. So don't necessarily turn down good work, but just make sure you're setting your prices, not him. Charge him for every minute of author's corrections too, and make sure that's written on the quote that he signs to accept the job.

    Oh, and I forgot to say before, if you do decide to take on any more work from him, make sure you get paid for these jobs first! He could be a non-payer, and then you'll really know what a nightmare client is all about!

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  • jozeppy26
    Feb 9, 05:30 PM
    I have text messaging blocked on my account, so this would not be a good deal for me. Why would I want to pay $20/mo for text messaging when I can use Google Voice and pay nothing? The unlimited mobile to mobile would be nice, but not when it requires the text messaging plan. For those who DO have the texting plan already, then this is a very nice addition.

    ...because Google Voice doesn't support MMS.

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  • RealScience
    Apr 21, 08:56 PM
    I believe this is to allow you to start your computer from a Mac OS X install disc on a remote computer. You will need to connect to your wireless network to see the available discs.

    I think this feature was more useful for original MacBook Air and/or for installing Snow Leopard. Since the new MBAs come with a USB drive, and Lion is expected (or at least rumored) to be distributed as an App Store download, you probably won't need to use it at all.


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  • jouster
    Mar 25, 02:21 PM
    All I want is a little scale in the corner. Is that too much to ask? It's impossible to figure out how far away things are visually. In the heat of navigation (especially via car) time is of the essence and having to re-calculate the route just to figure out the distance to destination from the current location takes too long.

    Which is why, in the heat of navigation, it's better to use a dedicated GPS system. I'd love it if Apple made my TomTom redundant. One fewer thing to carry and charge.

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  • Winni
    Mar 23, 09:59 AM
    Its never a good thing when the guy behind the reason we buy Mac's leaves. :(

    Maybe. Maybe it won't matter at all. People who "manage" are not the people who actually "do". Unlike the common beliefs, those products are team efforts and not the brain children of a single person.

    If OS X stops being good, we can still use Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris or even Windows. Ubuntu Linux might not be as "awesome, magical, beautiful" as Mac OS X, but it has become an amazingly great - and FREE! - operating system, so I'm not in the least concerned about the future of OS X and Apple. My life doesn't depend on the products of that company in Cupertino.


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  • Happybunny
    Dec 1, 04:03 AM
    I thought that I would try a plain desktop this month,there are seven different colours to choose from.



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  • phillipjfry
    Jan 9, 09:59 PM
    So I'm sitting here watching Simpsons DVD and listening to the keynotes in the background (for the first time) and about 4:30 minutes into the first video on the apple website, he says something that I had to replay over and over just to see if I heard it correctly.
    About 4:28 minutes into the video he says
    "2007, is going to be a great year for the Mac....but this is all we're gonna talk about the Mac today. We're gonna move on to some other things, over the course of the next several months we're gonna roll out some awesome stuff for the Mac. But for today, we're gonna move on."

    I was glue to my screen during the time macrumorslive.com was up (and seriously guys, congrats on the photo and keynote updates by the minute, I would never personally take on such a task). Here is what I think threw everybody off into thinking that Mac and software was going to be talked about today in the keynotes:

    9:18 am we're only talking about the mac today

    which can be interpreted both ways. So yes things are going to be coming up very soon for the Mac, and maybe even a separate meeting or interview or some way to get to the masses that the new product lines are up. But it seemed like today's keynotes (and my first one I've ever followed) were all about the future of Apple (both financially and technologically). It was about Apple making its own little "footprint".
    I think splitting up the product introductions was a better idea than one might figure. Snag some people into buying iPhone, AppleTV, and when the dust settles from the sales, allow people to regroup, pay off the credit card, and throw out a new/upgraded line of products, just in time to wipe the floor with Vista! Spring its just a little more than 2 months away. It took me all day to calm down after not hearing about Leopard in the keynotes, but this has to be why they didn't mention this. Hell, Macworld was on CNN tonight because of the iPhone, not because of Leopard or AppleTV or vPod. After word gets around by this CONFIRMED Apple product, people are going to take a serious look at other Apple product lines and see what else is to offer. That's when they should upgrade everything else, within the next two months.
    Do I have Apple marketing tactics pegged or what? :)


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  • R.Perez
    Apr 16, 04:29 AM
    Red is screwed, yellow is sucky, green is above replacement... You don't want birth rate to drop below 2.1, Turkey the only country above replacement is 2.14...
    http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/9463/europepopulation.png (http://img826.imageshack.us/i/europepopulation.png/)


    The only meaningful way to save the red countries from depopulation is to eliminate access to birth control and abortions. Places have tried to boost birth rates, it hasn't succeeded.

    We don't have enough resources, especially in developed countries that consume most of the world's resources for what you're advocating. If anything we need significantly lower populations in Europe and North America.

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  • Truffy
    Nov 11, 09:55 AM
    Given the length of the original message and the terseness of Jobs' reply, it suggests that either he doesn't give a crap, or the iPad's virtual keyboard is a bit pants to type on.


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  • freebooter
    Nov 29, 12:03 PM



    adidas originals wallpaper. quot;adidas Originals is proud to
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  • slu
    Apr 30, 09:56 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Until MobileMe/iCloud is more full featured and cheaper than Google's/DropBox services, then I don't really care.


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  • Super20
    Dec 17, 09:16 AM
    I have a black apple pro mouse. Works fine. Just don't use it. Other than some dust, it looks and performs like new. Price is $10 shipped. I'll even dust it off for you.

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  • Kahnyl
    Oct 9, 04:43 PM
    I though this was an upgrade from Tweetie 1 and now i have to pay again for the same app :mad:

    There's a whole other thread for whining about that.


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  • altecXP
    May 5, 10:08 AM
    Randomly my macbook will boot and have no video or KB.trakpad input.

    I wil have to hook up an external display and mouse and keyboard to be able to log in and work.

    its a has anyone sen this before? The Macbook boots then shows a blue screen and it fades to black and then will not display video on my macbooks LCD, but will on an external display.

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  • teacher13
    Apr 7, 08:24 AM
    I can't import my movies into imovie from my sony hd video camera! Is there a program out there that will assist me with this? I read in the manual that it is only allowable via windows. There has to be something to work with this, right???


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  • Gibsonsoup
    Apr 16, 11:29 AM


    Love Fight Club! Did you create the wallpaper by yourself or find it somewhere?


    Tiger wallpaper, dock images, iTunes 6 icon, Tiger Terminal and System Preferences icons.

    Great result there! just wondering how did you get the tiger dock in SL... I've tried to find out a way to get it, but never found such a perfect result. it looks exactly as the tiger one: Is that a theme or have you replaced some files in the library?

    adidas originals wallpaper. adidas originals wallpaper.
  • adidas originals wallpaper.

  • Bastich
    Nov 2, 02:14 AM
    Can we please stop calling it a "2G" Shuffle now? That is the single stupidest naming convention I have ever seen, and will continue to cause confusion well into the future. Even "G2" and up is better now, thanks to the demise of the PowerPC.

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  • xUKHCx
    Feb 7, 07:07 PM
    See here (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=429843). It is back up already btw.

    Sep 24, 08:19 PM
    I walked in on mine.

    :eek: I would be scared for life!!! :eek:

    Oct 21, 07:57 PM

    Nov 28, 08:02 PM
    er... ok, help pages no longer world writable. :)

    that wasn't intentional anyhow


    Nov 30, 01:35 AM
    The studios want to avoid the experience of the music industry, which has yet to recover from years of illegal digital piracy. Apple must introduce a �new model� for feature film content delivery, said one studio executive involved in the talks. With the average cost of a blockbuster film approaching $100m, movie studios had more to lose than music companies, he added.

    Wow, pardon me for stating the obvious here. But you can't "buy" a good movie. So there's no requirement that a studio spend $100 mil per picture. You don't have to use expensive special effects to bring in audiences. There are these things called "good writing" "engaging plot" and "talented acting" that I hear also draw people to theaters as well.

    Dec 5, 07:56 PM
    Wasn't exactly sure where to put this, but I'm working on a website with a friend and we need good Photoshop artists to submit their work for display on our site, and we need lots of forum members and a couple of moderators. The site is http://www.vaguephoto.net; if you want to be a forum mod there please email me: wgkamm@gmail.com. There's not too much to do as of yet, and the site isn't totally finished, but I thought I'd start spreading the word.


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