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pictures of arnold schwarzenegger children

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  • Don't panic
    Apr 26, 03:59 PM
    so it's plutonius with 5.
    hopefully you guys are right (although that would make me and appleguy prime suspects).

    what are the little arrows next to the quote button?

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  • R.Perez
    Apr 26, 08:37 PM
    transphobia That's a new one. It's almost as funny as the visual I got with a dude at the urinal with D cups.

    You are clearly trolling. No more responses needed here.

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  • Stella
    Aug 15, 05:08 PM
    I wouldn't be surprised if Apple have disabled some functionality.

    They know damn well 'secret' features will be leaked out.

    The UI theme may change - it doesn't take long.

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  • Peterkro
    May 1, 10:01 PM
    Bit slow but Osama bin Laden deadeded,Godamns have his body apparently.


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  • Jason Beck
    Apr 8, 07:41 PM
    i live here sometimes. view from my terrace.


    I remember that from Modern Warfare 2!

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  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:51 PM
    Bin Laden was the figurehead of the organization. Him dead is still a blow to Al-Qaeda. Was he in charge anymore probably not but it is still a big deal that he is dead.

    To US its a big deal. It's a blow to the Al-Qaeda that doesn't exist anymore. The current one will still function just as it has for nearly a decade in its cell based way. If anything this will just piss off extremists. Don't think for a second some type of retaliation (most likely attacks in the Middle East) won't come about from this.


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  • penter
    Jul 24, 08:46 PM
    this sounds very interesting and futuristic. i wonder how you click, or make a selection. it would be pointless if you could scroll wothout touching the screen, but had to touch it in order to click on the scroll wheel.
    im excited though! sounds cool!

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  • mKizzo
    Apr 13, 08:41 PM
    That is why iPhone (4) sales will remain close to zero until the iPhone 5 introduction. A white iPhone 4 will not change that very much. :rolleyes:

    LOL. I think sales won't be anywhere "close to zero" for the remaining months. Not everyone in the world is monitoring macrumours website. ;)

    Millions of people don't even know a new revision is due soon, not to mention people who's contract expires and can't wait without a new handset for 3-5 months. Sales will continue just fine.


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  • lafemmme
    Feb 1, 01:20 AM

    Back to being a gym rat, just signed up with 24.

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  • jettredmont
    Oct 23, 07:22 PM
    This is actually an incorrect report that Microsoft has tried to correct, but it keeps getting reported.


    I know we jump all over MS for spreading FUD... We shouldn't do the same.

    Ummmm ... The Oct 18 Update in that link says exactly what we've been saying here: you can't legally run Vista Home editions in a VM. Period. See:

    Update 18-Oct: Microsoft has issued yet another "clarification." They say you really can't legally run Vista home versions in a VM. I say their agreement is incomprehensible and their policy is stupid and short-sighted. Details here.

    So ... FCT* then?

    (* Fear, Certainty, and Truth, as opposed to Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt)


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  • Jako7286
    Apr 28, 04:07 PM
    Just says -

    Depth: 0.37 inch (9.3 mm)...lies, available in white and black....

    ...oh well

    I honestly think "0.37 inch" is probably accurate enough for both white and black, as they are probably both within 0.365-0.375 inches. 0.01 inches = 0.25 mm, which is more like what it looks like the difference is in the pic to me...

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  • SandynJosh
    Jun 6, 05:28 PM
    It didn't take my 10 year old son long to figure out that he could continue to download apps after asking me to download one for him. Now, if he wants a free app, I wait for it to finish downloading and then i log out of my account before i hand his touch back to him! :mad:

    OMG! You have a budding lawyer on your hands!


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  • gpat
    Apr 24, 02:19 AM
    Just release a GSM/CDMA every-band iPhone 5, and sell it off contract as well. Virgin Mobile USA customers are going to orgasm for that.

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 28, 10:40 AM
    That's the funny thing, though. You're not locked into DRM with the iPod. You don't need an iTMS to use your iPod, just iTunes. It plays standard MP3 files and non-DRM'ed AAC files.

    If you want to buy music online, you ARE locked into to DRM. Which is what people hate about the iPod/iTMS model.

    If you have your own MP3's great. In that regard MS and Apple will be the same. Apple does however offer an end to end solution. That is what MS wants. They don't want to just have a player. THey want to offer music for download online, and with your purchase you get a full slab of DRM.

    So no, it is not the funny thing. Unless MS starts wrapping DRM into your ripped collection. There is no advantage to buying an iPod over a Zune. Which is bad for MS because there is already tons millions if iPod users to sway.

    I don't think they will get them with the, share files over WiFi but I guess they could...


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  • -aggie-
    Apr 29, 03:55 PM
    Hahahaha, great attempt -aggie-! Now I'm sure you're a WW!! I've suspected alllll along, and now you pull this faux Seer out of the same hat you pull your bunnies from. -aggie-.

    You might have pulled the (werewolf) wool over the eyes of the others, but you are NOT fooling me! YOU are the werewolf, I'm simply your red herring.

    What a sad post.

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  • justflie
    Sep 30, 08:59 AM
    BS and unacceptable. That being said, I'm doing fine in the metro-west area of Boston/Worcester. Very rare to have a dropped call. I think this is just a case of a single carrier being unable to handle the volume of iPhone users. It's time to open it up to multiple carriers to spread the love and the cell tower load.


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  • Les Kern
    Apr 24, 11:04 AM
    Apple will eventually support every network, and with that lock up the cell market for a generation. Excellent plan: Start with ATT, prefect the phone, roll out perfected versions slowly, get their data center up offering some free cloud-based system, streamlining the app stores, thereby slowly but surely eating the market share of other vendors.
    Prediction: In 5 years only a few will have a fleeting memory of what Android was. Like the Palm Pilot.

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  • rovex
    Apr 27, 01:52 PM
    Yes it was, as you were claiming to "know" that it was faked. Claiming that was offensive in the very least.

    it's an observation, whether you like it or not. But anyway, my post didn't revolve around that point, you just blew out of proportion. Claiming i'm "bored" in your little rant is comical.

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  • nick004
    Oct 24, 09:13 AM
    Looking at the 15" models. With the educational discount, is it worth an extra $500 for the 15" 2.33GHz, 2GB Ram, 256MB Graphics. The other model is 2.16GHz, 1GB Ram & 128MB Graphics.

    I'm going for the extra video RAM, i know it doesn't help much but it is a crappy card and needs to last me at least 2 years. Good enough for WoW though!

    Apr 23, 12:11 PM
    I have nothing against Apple shareholders (both shorts and longs :D). It's just this is not a forum for them. This is their forum: http://messages.finance.yahoo.com/mb/AAPL

    This is my new favorite post. You, the guy who owns no Apple products (save for a battery charger) and quite clearly dislikes Apple, telling someone they are on the wrong forum.

    Oct 24, 08:38 AM
    What about MACBOOKS?!

    Hmmm.... let's see. Release two products and get ~1 week worth of press OR release 1 product followed 1 week later by another product and get 2 weeks of press.

    And don't be that annoying "Make everything huge" guy.

    Jan 25, 09:12 PM
    Same here, sure beats apartment life eh? :)
    Hah yes most days. :)
    The most awesome prop ever for my toy trains! :cool: :o


    I want to see the whole setup.

    Apr 26, 12:46 PM
    I would happily pay the current fee for MobileMe if Apple offered some better options for hosting a website. Right now I pay for web hosting for a family blog and a flickr pro account. If I could host my wordpress blog on my idisk space with my own domain name, I would sign up right now.

    You could always do this. I have my own domain name and host on MobileMe.

    Though I haven't figured out how to use an email address using my domain name and have mail hosted via MobileMe. I wish they would add that feature.

    Dec 1, 02:33 PM
    Router, firewall I feel OK.

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