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  • Fiveos22
    Aug 6, 09:49 PM
    My cup runneth over with excitement.

    Too bad I'll be in class all day tomorrow and won't get the minute by minute MR coverage...unless I bring my macbook to class with me. :D

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  • MacPhyle
    Aug 19, 11:29 PM
    Regardless of what Bluetooth will be meant for on the iPod -- Sirius, transmission to Bluetooth headphones, or just syncing with Bluetooth Macs -- what I'm looking forward to is a bigger screen. I think Bluetooth is a logical step since iMacs now have Bluetooth built in, but I don't expect iPods to go Bluetooth until at least 2 more major upgrades. First the larger screen, then Bluetooth, maybe. I am just crossing my fingers that when Apple does put Bluetooth in iPods, they don't eliminate other means of connectivity. Keep iPods compatible with non-Bluetooth Macs, Apple, please!

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  • Lollypop
    Aug 7, 12:40 AM
    If I didn�t have to work this would feel like xmas morning!!! :D If apple are saying these things about leopard they must be very very confident, as much as I love tiger I would love to see Vista smashed into the ground, and apple can do it!

    Last week I was hoping for a few new things, now with a lot of potential promise from leopard I will be fine with leopard, the new pros... and maybe the iphone! LOL

    <side note... does anyone know how to attach excitement to a post, I can just do pics? :p >

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  • roland.g
    Apr 19, 11:05 AM
    I've been waiting for a refresh to replace my rev. A Aluminum 24" iMac 2.8Ghz (Aug 2007) with a new 27". Going to sell my Aluminum 13.3" MacBook and iMac and get a new one.

    But I will probably wait the extra few months for Lion. No point in upgrading just prior to what I expect to be a relatively major OS release. I doubt 10.7 will be the $29 upgrade Snow Leopard was.

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  • Morod
    Apr 21, 11:34 AM
    It doesn't take long for crap politics to enter a thread....

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  • Tmelon
    Mar 30, 08:39 PM
    Launchpad is now fixed.. Click and hold to move multiple apps (shakes like iPhone)

    When launching expose dock doesn't crash any more...

    Much snappier in performance

    Has anyone noticed when shutting down the menu bar up top stays into the blue screen?
    Also has anyone noticed that spot light doesn't show apps anymore?

    So does the Launchpad have an easy way to remove icons yet?

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  • cube
    Mar 24, 03:10 PM
    Once again, Sandy Bridge will smoke the Llano CPU. The amount of applications that currently support OpenCL are slim to none. You can keep using your theoretical AMD video to somehow prove something but the fact remains: Sandy Bridge's CPU will outperform AMD's Llano in EVERY application that isn't supported for OpenCL, and it will outperform it in EVERY application that does have OpenCL support if you have a discrete GPU. End of story. Saying that Sandy Bridge is a 'bad purchase' is laughable at best when we haven't even seen any hard benchmarks, we've seen a video from AMD's own YouTube channel. What the hell do you expect them to upload? Them getting destroyed by Intel like they do in every other test that has been done since 2006?

    I'd rather have a CPU that is a bit slower for non-OpenCL tasks, than a computer that is faster at that but is unusable for other things because it doesn't have OpenCL.

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  • FFTT
    Nov 23, 06:30 AM
    I think what I said about software developers catching up has merit.

    It's not just the pro applications themselves that need to catch up to
    take advantage of multi-core architecture, but also all those very important

    This especially holds true in audio recording software with some critical plug-in developers still struggling to catch up to universal binary versions of their software.

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  • Snowy_River
    Nov 15, 11:31 AM
    ...Most applications are mutli-threaded that isnt the issue. The difference between 4-core and 8-core will be negligible as you can see from the benchmarks...

    Uh... maybe we were looking at two different articles.

    First off, most applications are not multi-threaded. It's only Pro level applications that tend to be, and even there, there are plenty that aren't. So, multi-threading is an issue.

    Second, you say that the difference between 4-core and 8-core is negligible? Take a look at the PyMOL molecular modeling rendering performance! Under OS X with 4-cores, it took 11.18 seconds, whereas with 8-cores it took 6.8 seconds. That's a raw improvement of about 65%! It's a clock speed weighted improvement of about 85%! How on Earth can you consider gains like THAT negligible?!?


    Edit: Corrected a math error.

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  • BC2009
    Apr 26, 01:11 PM
    First the Verizon iPhone rumors come to fruition. Now comes the long-awaited White iPhone 4......

    Now we can all start rumors about if and when "App Store" will become a trademark. Personally, I think Apple should get the trademark given precedents out there, but if they don't, I really don't care. After a decision is rendered in this case it will be old news in 48 hours and nobody will care.

    What strikes me is how clear it is that Apple is leading the way and trying to fend off so many folks who are trying to mimic and dilute their brand or copy their every move. Everybody wants to ride the wave that is Apple's success.

    Personally, I applaud Microsoft a bit here. Sure they have copied Mac OS X elements in Windows for years, but Windows Phone has its own unique user interface and Kinect is an extremely innovative accomplishment. Would be nice if more companies were innovating and making cool stuff for us to buy, rather than just trying to copy Apple. I'm so tired of Google's "let's make it close enough to iOS and claim it runs Flash and is 'open'" strategy and Samsung's "let's just make it look like an Apple device" strategy.

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  • conradzoo
    Sep 7, 07:16 AM
    Dear JS.

    HD or whatever you fancy, it's cool with me, but talking about quality, why are the iTunes songs still at that lousy 128 bitrate. I mean if they can do movies, nice quality (at least 256) songs are not that diffucult?


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  • mytdave
    Apr 26, 01:33 PM
    I think it's stupid for Apple to have "App Store" as a trademark. It is too generic. Trademarks, like patents, are out of control.

    However, the same thing can be said for "Windows" and "1-Click". So, if "App Store" is to be invalidated, then these other trademarks should be invalidated as well, not to mention a whole host of other trademarks that can be considered "too generic".

    Pot meet Kettle.

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  • akac
    Apr 12, 09:41 PM
    Ground up rewrite = a whole load of bugs.

    It'll be interesting to see how many shops use this for production work when it's finally released.

    Depends on how long and wide the beta goes.

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  • slffl
    Apr 26, 09:17 PM
    OMG you should see how many people here in Seattle refer to all Android phones as 'Droids'. Verizon better start protecting that ***** as it's already become the name for all Android phones for the 'think they know what they are talking about' android fans.

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  • rnelan7
    Nov 28, 09:00 AM
    Oh damn just looking at these make me really miss them. Dammit.

    Just listed my macbook air 11" on ebay, and picking up this UL20ft from the bay.

    12.1-inch 720p (1366x768) display with LED backlighting
    Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
    Intel Core i3-330UM (1.20GHz)
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD integrated graphics
    2GB DDR3 RAM 1066MHz
    320GB 5400RPM hard drive
    802.11b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth
    6-cell Li-ion battery (4400mAh, 47Whr)
    Weight: 3.3 lbs
    Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.4 x 1 inches
    Price $450!!!

    Will be upgrading the ram to 4gb and the hdd to ssd with stuff I have laying around the house. Should make a great on the go computer alternative to the $1500 "ultimate" 11.6" air.

    http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4110/5214035919_fffb1d5fc0.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/heyjuliette/5214035919/)

    Well that MBA didn't last too long. How come you're bailing on it?

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  • BoyBach
    Nov 29, 02:28 PM
    Andy Neff also writes "Apple noted that it has a number of products currently in development that are likely to be introduced over several years."

    I'm glad that he confirmed this. Otherwise Macworld in January would be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

    Mr. Jobs finished his keynote with the startling admission that there is nothing left: "That's all folks! We've got nothing else in development. See you in 2010."


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  • ryan.stewie
    Apr 12, 10:08 PM
    Well i'll tell you this FCP 5 (floating around in places i won't mention) is around 1.5 GB so If it is on the App store It will be 1 BIG download for me.
    (3 Mbps cable line here)

    pfffft! You think you've got it bad? I've only got 1500kbps here :D

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  • aquajet
    Sep 6, 09:54 AM
    Is it just me, or does the $599 mini *not* let you configure it with a DVD burner?

    You're right and that sucks. :(

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  • BornAgainMac
    Jan 11, 07:07 PM
    I am still hoping the laptop is a tablet. Whenever I replay the Keynote about the secret features, I think those features were just not implemented in Leopard. The iphone was the secret hardware feature.

    Small White Car
    Apr 12, 09:34 PM
    People detection or NSA spoofer code. People should have the right to turn this stuff off. Hope FCP doesn't impose it without an option to disable.

    I like that you're paranoid enough to think the NSA has inserted spyware into Final Cut Pro but not paranoid enough to think that they'd just ignore an 'off switch' in the program. ;)

    Mar 23, 11:37 PM
    One more vote to keep the old gal around.

    And another to keep giving it facelifts that:

    a) Improve what it already does (without destroying its core philosophy),
    b) Add new functions extending those functions (e.g., people have mentioned updating the DAC, allowing bluetooth and HD video out, etc. and faster syncing if TB will accomplish that (FW sustained transfer rates are faster than USB, but agree the FW port's not coming back on its own).
    Plus etc., etc. and so forth as (generally) eloquently already laid down elsewhere.
    c) Keep it a part of the modern Apple ecosystem via serving iDevices and ATV's as others have suggested and in many other clever, not unfeasible ways.
    d) Keep it looking fresh and up-to-date. It does appear that the screen could be made larger without compromising the click-wheel functionality.

    Another reason to have a lot of music/media BTW is not that you're a "hoarder" as someone suggested, but to include music that's not your fave but may be perfect when you have guest riders in your car - people of different ages and backgrounds and tastes so you can DJ for all (and at parties too). Call me a people pleaser but, hey.....

    And if I have an 16 or even 32GB iPhone, I have little use for a Touch, but just as much a need for a Classic. My iPod Photo 60 is still looking/running like new and has been my car music server for years. But it's too low in capacity for me, so breaking 200GB + some of the above refinements would likely tip me.

    There's also an aspect that hasn't been in this thread - and the "tech specs" on Apple.com no longer mention either target disk mode - nor using it to load up general files, but I remember an earlier gen being usable as an external hard drive that was also an iPod in the bargain!

    One that a photographer, e.g., could have in a pocket to download pics from a DSLR to free up an SD card for more shooting in the field. Or today, back up an entire maxxed out MBAir for that matter. Voila: A mini Time Machine + all of the above.

    If it does still allow that, add it to the marketing. It's an iPod. It's a mini-media server. It's an external HD. Music, Movies, Videos, Podcasts, Photos, Games, Storage, Backup. In less than 5 ounces.

    What's not to like for 2 and a half Ben Franks??

    Finally I get a kick out of the people dissing people who prefer uncompressed music. The ONLY advantage of compression is to store more files/GB and it ALWAYS degrades the quality of the recording. Always. And you're championing this as preferable because......?????

    Apple already has algorithms for optimizing file size on the Mac side when maxxing out files to be placed on an iDevice. With our multi-terabyte setups, why wouldn't we want the best originals available?

    And most who want uncompressed music (and those who want better than CD's already dumbed-down wave forms) actually CAN discern the diff (tho' some only think they can, as tests have shown, to be frank).

    But seriously, guys, you remind me of people who've been conditioned to think a McDouble is a gastronomic improvement on the T-bone steak. Sheesh.


    Apr 20, 10:33 AM
    I've never had an automatic. Both our cars have 5-speed manuals in them. When I replace my current car, I'm going to try very hard to get another manual. I can't stand autos. They have their place, but I like having control of the transmission.

    Apr 19, 12:01 PM
    My 24" iMac is still going strong... they'll something pretty major to get me to consider getting a new one.

    Mine too, a wonderful machine...but I am definitely going for a new one if the upgrade is good enough. :rolleyes:

    May 2, 07:07 PM
    Lion just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for summer.:D

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