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fishtail braid tutorial. Fishtail Braid
  • Fishtail Braid

  • MShock
    May 2, 05:40 PM
    Interesting� after the new GNOME 3.0 release, I'm convinced we will move farther way from the typical menu layout to a more minimalist, more web interactive interface. iOS is probably the closest to that, but I see windows looking more like FireFox 4 for Windows with the Firefox pop down menu and elimination of File, Edit, View etc. at the top. Mac OS 10.8 or 11 will probably follow suit, except have more webOS like functionality, and will converge several apps into 1�

    fishtail braid tutorial. fishtail braid tutorial
  • fishtail braid tutorial

  • fr4c
    Nov 23, 11:22 PM
    Psht. I can get that up here for free.
    No need to rub it in.

    Sent from the neighbors down south.


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  • Father Jack
    Jan 12, 04:27 AM
    Maybe Apple's poster actually says more but we can't see the bottom?

    Something like: "There's something in the air... blow it out your ass Microsoft" :p
    Now that would be cool .. :cool:

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  • amacgenius
    Jan 1, 05:15 PM
    The only two I'm betting on are iLife '07 and iTV, because those seem most feasible at this point.

    A new Mac Pro and another more in depth Leopard preview would be nice, but I don't think that's in the Pipeline (kudos to those who get the joke).

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  • arn
    Apr 12, 09:02 PM

    well, in cast there was any doubt.

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  • ImAlwaysRight
    Aug 6, 08:42 PM
    Mac OS X Leopard, Hasta la Vista, Vista


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  • Porchland
    Aug 24, 08:43 PM
    Movies are on their way to iTunes...

    And Front Row is getting refreshed in Leopard...

    I'm still in disbelief that the Mac mini will become a set-top box, but all the pieces are starting to come together.

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  • HBOC
    Jan 5, 02:29 PM
    Evos are awesome cars! How fast is your model 0-60

    Oh, and I'm gonna try to get pics of the smoked tails on my G37S (not pictured in my first post)

    Back of my car


    Nice car man. I had a P10 G20 with JSPEC Sr20DE and that thing would run low 15s with an automatic!

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  • starnyc
    Apr 26, 01:25 PM
    The general population never heard the term "App" until Apple released the iPhone.

    Nor did the general population ever shop for Apps online until Apple built the App Store.

    The abbreviation "App" used in conjunction with "store" to denote an online marketplace in which to buy applications is a unique combination that is not known in generic parlance.

    Apple will win this.

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  • admanimal
    Mar 30, 11:37 PM
    Update isn't showing up in App Store for me. Any ideas? :(

    It's not an update, you have to get a new code and redeem it.

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 23, 01:52 PM
    VERY disappointed in Apple, but hardly surprised.

    Not saying its a "Good" app, as it is clearly ridiculous and ignorant, but hey, so is "Angry Birds" and half the other apps on the store. This one is simply politically incorrect, and Appl once again proved that they are at the beck and call of the PC special interest hootin n hollerin, just like porn-app-gate.

    You don't like the idea that businesses can choose what they want to offer or not offer.

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  • Gatesbasher
    Apr 3, 12:54 PM
    After watching the ad 3 times, I *think* I like it. It treads just the right sign of 'schmoltzy' without going too far over. It (the device) looks gorgeous too, from a purely personal view.

    It hasn't won me over (iPad v Playbook), but there's not doubting its a good ad.

    You do realize that the Playbook is pure, 100%, no-money-back, spun-glass vaporware...right?

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  • GregA
    Mar 22, 04:10 PM
    An email from Steve Jobs (edit: last September) isn't exactly recent...

    That said, I do think it's possible that Apple might re-invent the classic. If they want cloud portability with some data stored on MobileMe, all on the "personal cloud" via back-to-my-mac, some on my iPhone etc - then a really large portable device might be very popular.

    ie: For someone who regularly uses large data files and programs, and moves between machines on different networks - being able to place an iPod Classic (plus bluetooth & NFC?) next to any random Mac and have full access to all your programs and files WITHOUT needing an Internet connection could be really useful.

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  • GeekLawyer
    Apr 12, 08:19 PM
    That was pretty funny. It looked on Twitter like maybe 9to5mac had sorta tricked AppleInsider into announcing FCP7. (2 years after the fact.) Apparently there's a lot of "borrowing" of stories between the two sites.

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  • Sky Blue
    Jan 1, 06:58 PM
    The only console that's actually moving at the moment is the Wii, and the low power of the thing means it might only have a year of marketability in it.


    i'm hoping really surprising...


    This year better be good!

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  • AlphaDogg
    Feb 19, 08:47 PM
    crapy iphone pics

    Beautiful view!

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  • takao
    Mar 1, 03:52 PM
    and VW with their darn PumpeD�se engines sure didn't help ... the PD concept was always good for saving fuel but those engines could have easily put into a tractor pulling contest

    today IMHO the german carmaker diesels are leading the way only in fuel usage and torque ratings. In regards to emissions & noise/smooth running the french (PSA) and Fiat have very likely taken over

    and yeah it has mostly has to do with trucks using the diesel engines.. because you know even her in europe those trucks are smelly and noisy ... even if yourself are driving in a diesel behind them ;)

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  • viewfly
    Sep 20, 07:17 PM
    I hold strong on my opinion of Consumer Reports too.

    I took their advice on the best vacuum cleaner to buy, some years ago.

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  • BRLawyer
    Apr 19, 02:05 PM
    Back on topic....... Supposedly, Ivy Bridge (next year?) will support USB 3. I wonder if it will be possible to have some sort of a Thunderbolt to USB 3 interface. I would hate to buy a new iMac now and not be able to take advantage of the USB 3 speed when it becomes more widely used in the next few years. Or is that not something to worry about?

    Why would you want to use a SLOWER interface in the first place? As far as ports are concerned, TB should be able to work with everything (USB, FW etc.) anyway, provided the right adapters are used...

    Jan 12, 05:10 PM
    Whatever it is, it better not be 13.3''. That's too big, and definitely not an ultraportable.

    12'' widescreen is the key.

    Jul 14, 06:29 AM
    The winner will be nintendo if they get it all done in time the ds has wiped the floor with the psp here in europe .. As for all this blue ray bussines i like the idea of it but not as a main feature of any computer system not just apple ... i am still getting my head around dvd rw -/ what ever format ... Blue ray will just cause more chaos to the public plus at the current prices they can sod off...

    I hope the ninitendo will win as it means that for once he innovative ideas will win rather than the companies who try to make it look better and more powerful. It would be wonderfully refreshing. I'm from Scotland by the way an I knwo about four people with a ds and everyone has a psp. Its a shame beause it may not look as good people immediately think its worse.

    Aug 25, 09:23 AM
    am I right in thinking that there is still no way to do extended desktop (two monitors displaying different stuff) on a Mini?

    Hmmm... To cook an extended desktop on a Mini (sort of), you need:

    1-) A Mac Mini
    2-) An old Mac with a screen - mine is an old iBook G3
    3-) A router
    4-) Synergy
    5-) Some kind of script - Automator does the job - to turn Synergy into a start-up item on both computers

    Ok, it obviously doesn't give you two screens on your Mini, but you can cut and paste between screens, and use only one keyboard and mouse to control both, which is pretty sweet. Personally, I use my Mini for any kind of heavy workloads and the iBook for the small stuff. The lack of extended desktop was almost a show-stopper for me but, in the end, Synergy provides me with all the screen space I need. If you really need more than that though, maybe the Mini isn't the right machine.

    EDIT: For example, I run Skype on my iBook. There is no difference whatsoever to me whether it is on my iBook or my Mini. You can use the secondary screen for a bunch of apps like those that do not really need to run on your Mini.

    Jul 18, 06:19 AM
    Can someone do the math? What would the file size be for 2 hour movie at present? What about if it were compressed into a zip or tz file? What would it be if the quality were improved? How long would it take to download these files with dialup, on dsl, on cable. I would think that most people would not be downloading using their offices T1 connection ;)

    How long would you wait or tie up your computer's internet connection to download an old movie from Disney?

    OK, I'm just going to do the maths...

    Let's see, divide by 1024.....carry the one....add 6...average speed of an unladen swallow...take the inverse and...

    The answer is: Very BIG!!

    Sep 24, 05:24 PM
    I'm looking at getting:



    2nd one is a wholesale, I asked the seller what it was. Apparently it doesn't come with the retail box... They're both from California which made it very attractive.

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