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  • whatever
    Oct 23, 11:23 AM
    Watch, it probably really means it instantly voids the MS support part of the Vista purchase for that license.

    Would be just peachy that Apple offers zero support for running Vista on a Mac, and MS does the same for those doing it via virtualization.

    Probably forsee a support headache coming down the path. :p
    Why should Apple offer support for Vista on a Mac.

    Anyone who is willing to run Vista on a Mac are ussually technical and smart enought to search different support forums for the answers that they need.

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  • HuggyLowDown
    Apr 13, 08:04 PM
    Yes! Finally! I've been waiting for the white iPhone 4 since launch. I'm with Verizon and I'm eligible to upgrade to the iPhone on April 22nd. Just in time. I was going to go ahead with the black, but now I'm going with white.

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  • Mystikal
    Mar 14, 05:53 PM
    You know, considering that the other countries are getting it in a little over a week, I think the chances of getting on in a store are pretty slim. It sounds like stores are only getting a handful of models, and for the past 2 days in a row, all of the stores I've called around here have only received 64GB Verizon models if anything.

    It REALLY sucks that I've got to wait 3 weeks for my white iPad to ship, but honestly at this point I think that's going to be shorter than trying to wait it out for one at the store.

    I just wish I'd lined up at the Brea Mall store at like, 5AM. :/

    Gah dont remind me. I want to go get in line tomorrow at 6 somewhere, but, meh. Ill probably end up at Fashion Island early Saturday and or Sunday.

    EDIT: Seems like Irvine and Fashion island are opening early. Ill be going to Fashion Island tomorrow...early... :D

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  • Xavier
    Sep 13, 09:15 PM
    This shipped today, 3 weeks for International Shipping though. Ouch


    I have this shirt. It does attract quite a bit of attention


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  • diacritic
    Apr 28, 04:26 PM
    If this requires case manufacturers to make a case specifically for the white iPhone on both carriers, I wouldn't be surprised if they just said screw it, were not making one. Apple released the white iPhone because they said they would, I don't think enough will be sold where it makes sense for case makers.

    No they won't. Imagine being the only manufacturer that offers a case for the white iphone. They could produce a turd shaped cover and still make millions because it's the only option out there. If the story is indeed accurate, I bet case manufacturers have already prepped their new molds by now.

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  • WildCowboy
    Jul 10, 09:57 AM
    I've been holding off on moving to iWork, but it sounds (if true) like the '07 version might just be enough to push me over the edge and at least try to use it for a majority of my work. I'll likely still need the power of Excel for some of my work if Charts is as predicted, but iWork may finally be coming of age!


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  • Chef Medeski
    Oct 18, 05:34 PM
    The computers that are just finishing a CPU conversion, but are still rated as being good buys by non-Mac publications?

    Perspective, my young padawan, perspective....
    I hear a bit of what he is saying though. I mean there wasn't much innovation, just.... it was more like building the perfect car, say something like a Subaru WRX ( my car that I love very much) but replaced with a nicer engine from Porsche.... some better tires off a Lancer.... a nice tranny off of Porsche again.... neverthless... this is what they did with the Mac. Took some great stuff out there like Glossy Screen, Webcams, and Intel chips and put em in our loving Mac. However, the only piece of innocation was the Maglev charger. There was no new standards... no new gear. Yet, I do believe you are asking for too much if they are expected to innovate every product revision. Its becoming a very big company.... its no longer a couple thousand products where you can mess-up on some new innovation...

    But I'm not worried... there hasn't been much innovation elsewhere either so its not like Apple is behind... they are in front. Just not WAY in front. We'll see what happens with Leopard/802.11N/Santa Rosa/HD DVDs/Hybrid HDs..... innovation is in the pipeline. Don't worry.

    2007 is going to be a very good year.

    And 2008 even better. Presidential Election! ;)

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  • Apple OC
    May 2, 12:08 AM
    I support the crowd gathering at Ground Zero in NYC ... it is a great day for them :cool:


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  • weezerr
    Nov 7, 11:07 AM
    no matter what I do, I can't get mouse input to work in fusion. keyboard input works great, but as soon as I click in the window, my mouse goes dead within VM. Using a wired mouse, plugged directly into an imac...

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  • celticpride678
    Apr 15, 06:03 PM
    I've compiled a list of changes that I've noticed:

    1. The view buttons in Finder have switched back to the "old" style where the options not selected are de-pressed.

    2. The iCal leather gradient that everyone hated has been changed to be lighter (picture attached). Honestly, I think it looks a LOT better now. Just less "in your face."

    3. The To-Do list in iCal is now referred to as "Reminders."

    4. Apple has forced all applications to use the new iOS scroll bar. If that app hasn't been updated to support the new iOS scroll bars, then their is a container around them (attached image).

    5. Some changes in Mail must have been made because you are required to update your database before launch.


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  • jetjaguar
    Sep 15, 08:28 PM

    iphone 4 32gb

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  • Brien
    Mar 16, 11:16 PM
    Wow, things sure are crazy. Good luck to those who still need one. I was kicking myself for ordering after it had slipped to 2 weeks, but now that it's at 5 weeks I feel a bit better. :D
    ROFL! No one in their right mind is going to swap an AT&T for a Verizon model when the GSM models are in such short supply.

    Also, though I know none of them read Macrumors, I'd like to sneak a moment of catharsis by sending out a big karmic f_ck you to all the scalpers who stood in line on Friday and bought out all the GSM models to ship and sell them overseas.

    Anyway, off to order my GSM version online, and then to enjoy my Verizon white 32GB at work while I'm not drafting contracts & wills.
    Yeah. That seems to be the case across the country. Makes you wonder what percentage of iPads left the country on Friday...


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  • profets
    Apr 25, 08:35 AM
    "The T-Mobile US network uses different frequencies than AT&T's, requiring different hardware to support."

    It surprises me that it would need different hardware. I know that it is possible to jailbreak a AT&T phone to work with T-mobile. so apparently it can be done with software.

    The current iPhone can work on T-mobile with gsm/edge/2G only. When they mention different frequencies (UMTS Bands) they are talking about the current iPhone not support the 3G band that T-mobile uses.

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  • Detlev_73
    Jun 6, 10:22 AM
    You sound like a wonderful human being.

    Your sarcasm is inappropriate. This poster has a right to her/his opinion. There are plenty of folks that think that kids are a bad idea, especially in their case. I'm proud of the fact I don't have kids: I'd beat them just like Joan Crawford did in Mommy Dearest. :mad:


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  • 15inchbrick
    Sep 30, 09:17 AM
    You have a point, but Apple didn't necessarily want an exclusive carrier. That does nothing for Apple's business. AT&T obviously paid for Apple's exclusivity.

    Um.... I am pretty sure that Apple gets a higher subsidy from having an exclusive carrier agreement, lowering the cost to their customers, yet still keeping margins on the device high.

    Someone to correct me if I am wrong.

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  • Lollypop
    Jul 12, 03:55 AM
    Apple should take this as a big threat, apple has Ipod/itunes/ITMS, microsoft has argo/windows media player 11/xbox/xbox live/windows media centre and the lemmings that fall for that entire thing! The ipod ecosystem has worked well for apple, but they need to expand it, bring out a media centre version of the mac, break the ITMS away from a single PC and have it accessible from anywhere (wireless not necisarily implied) and try to get PC manufacturers to install itunes on their PC like they did with HP.


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  • nick004
    Oct 24, 07:42 AM
    anyone got benchmarks??? :)

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  • Troll
    Apr 28, 06:25 PM
    Uhh... this thread is about LAST Tuesday... Or do you guys just plan on recycling it every week??

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  • andrewsd
    Apr 22, 06:22 PM
    Waiting for LTE. As long as I can still play FIFA on it I am cool with waiting till the iP6. My iPhone 4 is just fine

    Apr 22, 12:43 PM
    Then you have never streamed video onto your phone from home or Netflix or Slingbox. It's not pleasant over 3G onto the iPhone - looks and responds even worse on the iPad.

    We need 4G NOW!

    TonyAgreed. Anyone who tried to watch MMOD knows that 3G for streaming video is worthless, particularly for high motion. The quality is too poor to see anything.

    The only thing I don't like about these iPhone 5 rumors is that they're proving everyone who said the iPhone 5 would be a half-step upgrade right. No NFC, no LTE, no larger screen size, nothing. Better chip, slightly better camera, maybe higher storage, and that's it on the hardware front, apparently. World phone capability is hardly anything to get excited about.

    I would seriously consider hanging onto my 3GS until next year if I thought it would survive another year, so I wouldn't get locked into a two-year contract on the iPhone 4.5 when the iPhone 2012 will have all the features I've been waiting for.

    Jul 25, 07:57 AM
    I want one! I want one!

    Jul 12, 05:24 PM
    God if those pics are right, I say... welcome to 2002 Microsoft!

    It looks like a mix between a Rio MP3 player and a 3rd gen iPod

    it's prototype.. unless it's a a fake of course. If they manage to seamlessly integrate this into Windows they've a good chance to beat the **** out of the iPod (so far, all the hardware that Microsoft produces is great.. I'm using a Microsoft Natural keyboard as well as a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse with my Powerbook).

    Apr 22, 05:39 PM
    Maybe the iPhone 4 looking iPhone 5 will come out as a 4S and something like this will be the iPhone 5...? It does look pretty good, but not sure if it could really be made this thin as the A5 chip is just as power consuming as the A4 (as has been stated). If that actually is what the iPhone 5 will look like, I'll buy it for sure.

    Nov 4, 03:05 PM
    How big is the memory configured for the VM you are suspending?

    I have a WinXP VM with 512MB set to it. I have my cache policy set to the VM.

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