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oprah winfrey house in maui

oprah winfrey house in maui. xbrena: The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • xbrena: The Oprah Winfrey Show

  • myamid
    Nov 4, 08:05 AM
    ...guys, I was wondering...

    Does BOOT CAMP already support DUAL-CORE under XP ?

    Sorry for the ignorance, just bought me a new Macbook and going to install either PARALLELS or BOOT CAMP ( waiting for VMWARE... :p )

    Thanks for feedback !=)

    Yes, BootCamp uses the hardware natively, so that means dual-core support. As to whether you should use bootcamp or Parallels... Well I guess that ultimatly depends on what you need windows for... 3D games or REALLY CPU untensive App? Go for bootcamp. Otherwise, parallels does the trick nicely and doesn't require you to reboot (a BIG bonus for me...)

    oprah winfrey house in maui. oprah winfrey house in maui.
  • oprah winfrey house in maui.

  • Alvi
    Apr 14, 07:43 AM
    Apple TV or iPod Nano

    oprah winfrey house in maui. Winfrey currently lives on her
  • Winfrey currently lives on her

  • bdkennedy1
    Mar 31, 01:56 PM
    If you want functionality, then go use Windows. Most Mac users are designers and the look of something is just as important as functionality. Steve Jobs may love the look of his day planner, that doesn't mean I have to be stuck with it.

    Personally? I find it humorous that so many people on here refuse to use the app, or have big issues with it, all because of the faux leather look to the top bar, or other attempts to make the app look like its physical counterpart. If the app has the FUNCTIONALITY you need, that's what makes it good! I've come to expect that Apple will regularly revise the LOOK of these applications. Even if they had a look that 99.9% of users agreed was "perfect"? They'd revise it with the next major release of the app or OS, simply because they know people don't feel like they really "got enough for their money" if it doesn't look different at a quick glance....

    The way it defaults to entering new appointments with that "unnamed appointment" heading drives me nuts too. Accidental taps on the iPhone or iPad can lead to those things being added to your schedule, and if you don't notice it until later? You're left wondering if it's supposed be a real appointment for something, or if it was just a screw-up. They should make it so if you don't actually fill something in, it cancels adding it.

    Another feature I'd like to see? It needs a way to easily open up a list of your contacts from the Address Book inside a pane in iCal itself, and drag one over to the calendar to add an appointment with their address inserted as the "location", and name plus maybe phone number(s) in the title. Like many people, I use iCal to track appointments I have with clients, so this info usually needs to go into them.

    I saw where someone wrote a fancy Applescript to accomplish this, but IMHO, that's still a "hack" for functionality Apple could/should include!

    oprah winfrey house in maui. Oprah Winfrey: Antigua
  • Oprah Winfrey: Antigua

  • Hisdem
    Apr 10, 06:30 PM
    ^^ That image is amazing. Simply perfect!


    oprah winfrey house in maui. The Dove has Landed.
  • The Dove has Landed.

  • QCassidy352
    Jul 25, 10:08 AM
    oh, I forgot to mention one good thing about this mouse. Presumably it will work correctly with the option "allow bluetooth devices to wake this computer." 3rd party mice wake the computer up over and over ever since 10.4.6 when that option is checked. Of course, it would be nicer if apple would just fix their stupid OS version so that all BT mice worked correctly and not just their own... :rolleyes:

    oprah winfrey house in maui. Hamoa Beach Maui
  • Hamoa Beach Maui

  • DTphonehome
    Apr 13, 02:58 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    This would be a good quick way for Apple to lose a couple billion dollars, and some face. As has been said, TV is a very mature market with deeply entrenched players fighting over scraps of profit. There is no way Apple could innovate enough in this area that would compel people to ditch their existing sets, and pay an Apple premium. Google is failing miserably with their attempt.
    These are the strategies I see Apple taking:
    1. License Airplay. Now any iOS device streams to legions of TVs, bluray decks, and receivers.
    2. Enhance Apple TV with apps and games.
    3. Profit.


    oprah winfrey house in maui. short flight over to Maui.
  • short flight over to Maui.

  • br0adband
    Nov 4, 10:29 PM
    I've reinstalled OS X twice in the last 9 months. The latest being about 3 weeks ago when I upgraded to a 160GB hard drive. There is nothing wrong with my computer. (OK there is something wrong with its sleeping mech but that has nothing to do with performance.)
    Parallels just sucks. Also I�m willing to bet the more you use the disk image and Windows the more parallels slows down. I�ve got a 14GB disk image, a ton of apps loaded, along with being in it every day for 8+ hours, USB peripherals all over the place, network settings for home and work, firewall enabled along with antivirus software. (I can�t use Office 2003 with SAP in OS X.) I probably use it more extensively then most Mac users. The simple fact is the reason why I keep reinstalling the demo instead of outright buying it is because I�m waiting on VMWare�s solution. VMWare is THE industry�s Microsoft when it comes to virtualizing. Just without the whole evilness thing. I�ve used Parallels extensively. I�m not impressed.

    So let me get this straight: You keep reinstalling the demo of Parallels, thereby ripping off the company and not supporting it to make it the best product it can be and keep the company in business, and then you have the gall to come out in public and say as such, and then on top of that you have the even greater gall to say it sucks?

    Oh yeah, your opinions mean a lot to us now, that's for sure.


    I'll reiterate: something is wrong with your computer, and now I can see why.


    oprah winfrey house in maui. (including Oprah Winfrey
  • (including Oprah Winfrey

  • Idol
    Mar 31, 03:05 PM
    Most people with a mac also have ios devices, why not make it a bit more consistant?

    Because it's INSANELY UGLY! That's why!!!

    Is Steve even running the company anymore???? I mean... I know he's leaving the day to day stuff with others... But it looks like he's just gone.

    The phrase Hell in a handbasket come to mind... Not really, but still.

    OMG!!!! It's Fugly!


    oprah winfrey house in maui. MAUI, Hawaii - Nine out of 10
  • MAUI, Hawaii - Nine out of 10

  • grassland
    Apr 7, 07:57 AM
    all aboard:)

    oprah winfrey house in maui. queen Oprah Winfrey has
  • queen Oprah Winfrey has

  • Stella
    Jul 21, 11:49 AM
    I'm sorry, I can't see you over the end of my nose. ;)


    oprah winfrey house in maui. Formerly a ranch house on Maui
  • Formerly a ranch house on Maui

  • lharvest
    Apr 6, 11:47 AM
    Shot out of the window on a recent trip back from Pittsburgh. I was a bored passenger and decided to experiment a little. Came across a stretch of trees and thought a longer exposure would make an interesting photo. It's fairly drab, but I like the earthy tones it exhibits. Reminds me of some abstract art I've seen.

    oprah winfrey house in maui. and Oprah Winfrey.
  • and Oprah Winfrey.

  • Lummi
    Apr 5, 11:43 AM
    I enjoy viewing these photo of the day threads almost daily. :)
    Rare contribution from me.



    oprah winfrey house in maui. Oprah Winfrey and Ashley
  • Oprah Winfrey and Ashley

  • Luis
    Jan 25, 06:40 PM
    It's not only Apple, it's the whole market AFAIK.

    oprah winfrey house in maui. Oprah+winfrey+maui+home
  • Oprah+winfrey+maui+home

  • gkarris
    Mar 1, 10:12 AM
    If this guy can generate that much viewership and money, it show you the state of television progamming... :eek:


    oprah winfrey house in maui. oprah winfrey house in
  • oprah winfrey house in

  • graphite13
    Nov 5, 04:10 AM
    i do realize that this is a private beta but even in the beta stage parallels was much better.....

    Um... this is a private beta for a reason. Also, none of the Parallel's beta builds were built with debug symbols on and they were meant for public release.

    Um, as a "private beta" it might be considered a "public alpha". I'm sure they're just making sure that things work before the public beta...

    oprah winfrey house in maui. inside oprah winfrey house
  • inside oprah winfrey house

  • twoodcc
    Jul 25, 10:12 AM
    Never heard of the cartoon character Mighty Mouse (Here he comes to save the daaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!). Apple had to license the name from Viacom.

    LOL! i remember that cartoon. haha, i think i might still have a vhs tape somewhere


    oprah winfrey house in maui. Oprah Winfrey Pics
  • Oprah Winfrey Pics

  • dXTC
    Dec 30, 12:11 PM
    This will be a thread hand-grenade, but let's face it - depending on her/your/our healthcare situation, you kindof are paying for this. ...

    ...I'm all for personal freedoms and not letting people tell others what to do with their bodies, but I don't want to subsidize stupid behavior like this. I say make her carry her own weight, and I mean that both literally and figuratively.

    I don't disagree with you on this. I am by no means whatsoever advocating that everyone should gain a hundred or so pounds just because I happen to like plenty of curves. What this person was hinting at doing is indeed physically dangerous, in fact just as dangerous long-term as a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or other drastic weight-loss measure.

    Thank goodness she recanted her statement afterward. I think she was starting to enjoy the publicity after the first couple of media appearances-- it's not everyday a big girl gets attention, y'know-- but after a while she saw the negative aspect of that publicity and decided it wasn't for her.

    oprah winfrey house in maui. Labels: Oprah Winfrey
  • Labels: Oprah Winfrey

  • Plymouthbreezer
    May 2, 12:01 AM
    Americans have been waiting for this day for almost a decade; this is great news.

    oprah winfrey house in maui. Oprah Winfrey Fan#39;s: Homes
  • Oprah Winfrey Fan#39;s: Homes

  • travistaylor
    May 3, 07:43 AM
    Does anyone know how these iMacs will perform with StarCraft 2? I have no experience with these GPUs.

    Mar 31, 11:01 AM
    I hope like Address Book, you can change it back.

    I haven't heard Address Book will be able to switch back, could you provide a link where you heard that?


    Aug 15, 04:50 PM
    It looks like the menu text default has dropped from 14pt Lucida Grande in Tiger to 13pt Lucida Grande in Leopard -- a welcome change.

    Nice indeed. Is there a way to custumize the menu bar font in Tiger? The font is way to big in my opinion and you can never have enough info icons up there. I hate it when some are hidden cuz the main menu is so wide...

    Oct 29, 09:24 PM
    Should get32/33 mins per frame, something else must be slowing it down. Could be the raid, spotlight, check the activity monitor. Keep HT on.

    oh wow. now that's a huge difference. something's gotta be wrong then

    Apr 22, 10:50 AM
    I still haven't seen the "killer app" that makes this higher mobile speed something I can't wait another year for. I know that's not the smartest way of looking at it - the higher speeds bring the innovations we haven't imagined yet. But I'm not seeing them on the Android platform, either.

    It seems to mostly benefit tethering - but tethering benefits other devices and not the mobile handled experience.

    Fast access to these new cloud music storage services is interesting, but the data caps practically kill their usefulness.

    Then you have never streamed video onto your phone from home or Netflix or Slingbox. It's not pleasant over 3G onto the iPhone - looks and responds even worse on the iPad.

    We need 4G NOW!


    Apr 12, 08:48 AM
    I like what you have going on here. Great detail on the girl / hair too, bokeh is pleasing and vibrant. Epic shoot locale. Tell her to stand up straighter next time and I think it would be flawless. Fill light could go one notch down too.

    I love this photo you know. Very good color harmony with the dress too!

    Thanks. I need to warm up her skin tone as I made her too pale. The way she stands is the way she stands. She has poor posture, but next shoot I'll have her stand straight. As for the clothing, I wanted her to wear something to match the environment and I think it worked well.

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