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  • kiljoy616
    Mar 24, 09:54 PM
    i also prefer intel over amd but i think the cheaper models may run on amd in some time

    Also considering that they have built in video for the laptops I can't see Apple going of Intel any time. :)

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  • OdduWon
    Oct 24, 01:37 AM
    Here it is! 8 hours early!

    this is OG

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  • spiffyfitz
    Aug 16, 12:30 PM
    I sure hope they announce something about an Apple phone soon. Im sooooooo tempted to get the LG Chocolate.

    It's a shame there's almost no way Verizon will carry an Apple branded phone. I just don't see it happening. Looks like I'll have to get an LG Chocolate for music on the go...

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 2, 10:54 PM
    Simply elegant.

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  • lordonuthin
    May 3, 12:21 PM
    so running things like itunes and iphoto, and surfing the web, things are fine?

    I also have the terminal going with 6 tabs, each running folding on another machine. I worried about iTunes because I had heard that it took quite a bit of cpu, but not for me it doesn't seem to have any effect on folding.

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  • quadgirl
    Sep 1, 01:19 PM
    A 23" Merom iMac. Really nice! But I was hoping for Conroe to power the next iMac series. A bit underwhelming. Isn't the Conroe supposed to have a solid performance edge over the Merom? A faster FSB and higher clockspeeds?

    What to think of this? Sure, in some tests Merom performs up to 40% faster than Yonah, but in others it only shows a puny advantage. The truth is bound to be somewhere in between those claims. So, Merom performs some 20% faster than Yonah. That's nice, sure, but not exactly overwhelming.

    I don't like this. Don't know why exactly...

    23" I do like, though. What GPU will power that display? Hopefully an X1900, although an X1800 is more likely. What will it cost. Man, too many questions right now.

    What about Merom powering the 17" and 20" iMacs, and the 23" imac being powered by Conroe?

    The Merom isn't showing MASSIVE speed improvements over Yonah, but it is impressive. Impressive that is for a laptop processor. But the Conroe has(being a desktop chip) a HUGE performace gain over Merom. Check the stats and you'll see that gap between laptop and desktop speeds has widened considerably.

    On the subject of Graphics, maybe Apple may move to Nvidia as Ati have been bought out by AMD.

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  • pyramid6
    Apr 26, 01:29 PM
    It mostly has to do with if it is confusing. Apple has a trade mark on "App Store" to sell applications through an online store. Amazon is using "Appstore" and is selling applications through an online store. Apple has a pretty strong case that Amazon is infringing on their trademark. If Amazon used "Appstore" for a chain of tire rotating store, Amazon could probably be in the clear. As it stands they are too close in intended use. Microsofts strategy is to invalidate the trademark. It's up to the USPTO to decide on the trademark.

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 14, 07:39 PM
    So I should put the -bigadv into my i7, it's not a great i7 I think its at 1.66ghz and in a laptop. Should I risk it? How can I maximise the PPD from my i7 as its only doing like 1-2k a day I think.

    sorry, i should have been more clear. i forgot that they have i7 laptop processors out. only the desktop processors can do -bigadv units, and they gotta be overclocked to be worth it (they are very easy to overclock).

    1.66 Ghz and a laptop isn't going to make it for bigadv units they need to be completed within about 3-4 days to make it worthwhile and I doubt your machine would make that time frame. An overclocked i7 920 at about 3-4? Ghz will work. My i7 920 is not overclocked so I don't do bigadv units on it and it also is running 3 gpu's so it has some overhead from them.

    yeah, i wouldn't overclock with 3 gpu's in there (well, actually i'd probably try it, but you're doing so well with ppd already, not worth the risk)

    Hey twoodcc, when did you sneak past lyzardking, I totally missed it, congrats for making it to 3rd place! And you're at about 1200th place overall, won't be long before you get to 3 digits!

    haha, thanks. yeah i think i moved into 3rd yesterday or the day before. yeah looking forward to 3 digits. i just gotta get this other system up and running. i really need to rearrange my gpus again, but just haven't had the time

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  • ssk2
    Apr 3, 01:14 PM
    Because I'm interested in the pathology of people like you, and I'm trying to understand how you can compare an existing product with a product that is nothing but talk, to the disadvantage of the product you can actually buy, and decide in favor of the product that doesn't exist. Just psychological curiosity.

    Are you kidding me?!

    The 'pathology of people like me'? Who do you think you are? Facts are that I've neither held, or used either device, so I'll wait until I have until I make my decision. What's so controversial about that? How am I talking about the iPad in any kind of disadvantageous way? I'm just saying I want to try both and have not made up my mind yet. Rational.

    The Playbook does exist too, no matter how much you say it doesn't. What on earth are you basing you assumption on? Where did I ever promote the Playbook over the iPad? Please retract your comments.

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  • darkplanets
    Jun 22, 12:13 PM
    As long as it has OSX (or whatever the next is) underneath, always, then I have no problems with an integrated iOS layer in OSX. In fact, I would much rather see dashboard disappear and iOS take its place, because let's face it; dashboard is worthless due to its horrible implementation.

    Let's make that a prediction, shall we?

    If this comes to fruition I see dashboard getting the boot and the iOS overlay taking its place, but only on touch enabled macs.

    Can someone say new touch enabled cinema display, as well as the new "track pad gadget" being released? This would make perfect sense, if this rumor were true.

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  • iSax1234
    Mar 24, 12:23 PM
    Other Animal species have bisexual relationships so it must be natural.

    Other Animal species also are involved in cannibalism and random out breaks against their own kind, so in our species we shouldn't prohibit murder either, its natural.

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  • kdarling
    Apr 21, 03:41 PM
    To those laughing at this and pointing out that Android phones don't have a file recording your movements

    Yep, apparently Google's engineers also cache WiFi and Cell Ids. Caching makes sense for a lot of reasons.

    The only differences are that with Android, the log is far shorter because older entries are overwritten. And of course the file isn't copied to a mothership computer for all to see. That's a downside of being an iTunes dependent device.

    I do think that guy is right and it is only about caching the cell tower locations. I baffles me however which idiot engineer at Apple thought it would be good idea to store those locations along with detailed timestamps unencrypt and even move it to the next phone if you happen to switch phones. If you work on such a high profile system, you need to make smarter decisions than that.

    Even though it's an understandable coding design goof, I'd hate to be in that programmer's shoes today. Perhaps s/he worked so hard that s/he never even left Cupertino on trips, and so never thought about it being a problem :)

    On such personal mistakes, do big real life probems sometimes hang.

    The Google hotspot data collection thing was similar: debug code left in, and the original developer long gone.

    In any case, all the whining needs to stop. It's clearly an unintentional mistake, again same as happened with Google. Yes, better code vetting is needed. So it goes. Nobody is perfect.

    The second thing that baffles me is Apples blatant incompetence handling these kind of situations. Haven't they learnd anything from antenna gate?

    That's always been Apple's style under Jobs. Pretend that nothing is wrong, and hope it all goes away. Most of the time, it works.

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  • notsofatjames
    Jan 12, 10:38 AM
    I'm all for a completely wireless macbook, no matter what its called. I've always wondered why apple has never come up with a dock style thing for macbooks anyway. I'd be happy with one plug, which charged, and connected my mac to every other peripheral that i use. If that dock also had a wireless part that allowed me to connect to it on my home wireless network, it would just make things a whole lot more pleasant.

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  • Eidorian
    Aug 25, 12:21 PM
    I remember the rumors of iPod docks in the Mini before the last Mini release (February 28th). I though they were pretty ridicolous.:p

    Anway's, a chance of X3000 now? That would rock!;)http://www.math.purdue.edu/~abarreno/laptop_chipsets_intel_8_2006.png

    Find me a mobile 965.

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  • dethmaShine
    May 2, 05:26 PM
    i think I'm horribly wrong here.

    You can drag and drop the app (any deletable) in the trash and it will come up with the same pop up. There's no need to hold down on the app to enable deletion. Fair enough on apple's side.


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  • Porchland
    Sep 8, 04:16 PM
    And one other thing. The iTMS would keep track of what you've rented, and if you decide you'd like to own that movie later, you can purchase it by paying the difference in price between the rental and purchase. So, for a movie that was $4.99 rental and $14.99 puchase, you'd pay $10. Now THAT would be sweet!

    I've actually submitted feedback to Apple before suggesting that you should get a $1 discount on an album if you've already bought a single track. I can think of a number of times that I've thought about buying a whole album but feeling like it was a bad value because I would be spending more money on it than if I had just bought the album in the first place. But with even a $1 discount, I probably would have rolled the dice on more albums.

    I like your idea for the same reasons.

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 5, 02:22 PM
    thanks. when it gets colder here, i'll start doing the bigadv units again. then the points should really add up. if they keep the units going.

    way to go dude!

    hey, congrats to you for 6 million!!

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  • copykris
    Nov 25, 02:12 PM
    They're just ****ing sunglasses...


    so true

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  • freeny
    Jul 19, 04:37 PM
    stocks up 7.45% in after hours.....:)

    Feb 22, 07:19 PM
    Why do Americans harbor hate for diesel? I'm not very familiar with the differences between the fuels, other than gasoline is more refined.

    Perhaps it's propaganda from the auto makers?

    Diesel engines last longer, as they use a lubricant as a fuel, and not a solvent.

    Mar 20, 08:21 PM
    apple doesnt aim their market at people who shop for those computers, simple as that.


    Apr 19, 12:10 PM
    Wow....a MAC rumor.
    My money is sat here waiting to be spent.
    Next week looks good to me =].

    Jul 18, 09:24 AM
    In the music business, Apple has taken advantage of people's willingness to give up some sound quality (ie MP3 and AAC formats) in exchange for ease of use in buying and using the music. I don't expect the movie service to offer HD, at least not for most movies. I expect they'll do the same thing they did with music-- actually offer slightly LOWER resolution than DVD in exchange for a very convenient package.

    That's how Apple got the music industry on-board, and it would offer a great story to the movie studios, who are constantly worried that the higher and higher quality formats mean they're "giving away their masters". Instead, people may be very willing to buy lower quality copies as long as it's extremely convenient.

    Apr 26, 01:22 PM
    how hilarious would it be if we saw those Martin Glick lawyers in the courtroom all using iPhones LOL!

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