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kate winslet titanic drawing video

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  • BRLawyer
    Oct 23, 01:35 PM
    The word "same" never occurs in the text, which never contemplates multiple installs.

    It says you can't use it in a virtual machine. End of story. End of discussion.

    Vista's restrictions are just the basic evidence that MS is drowning. Such limitations seem to be an ongoing strategy to guard some revenues in an otherwise extremely bad environment/market scenario for the company.

    Currently, MS has only 2 "cash cows":

    1 - MS Office, under onslaught by free solutions such as OpenOffice, or web-based suites such as Google's.

    2 - MS Windows, which suffers from rampant piracy in developed AND developing markets.

    The rest is just a bunch of loss-making ventures, including the XBox and the Zune. Due to lousy management and lack of innovation, MS will be DEAD or just a niche player in less than 10 years.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 22, 02:42 PM
    Make up your mind. Either they are using the chips now, or they aren't. People were clamoring for mobile quad cores and now they have them. What CPU are they not using now that users want in mobile computers?

    Now they are. The problem is it took them a couple of years. They waited until Intel produced mobile chips that "suit" them instead of producing a Mac that could use available quad core mobile chips. And we are not even talking about minor details like Apple never using the most powerful versions of CPUs (for example, there is no MBPs with SandyBridge/2920XM).

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  • snebes
    Apr 15, 02:44 PM
    With the update notice officially stating When Lion ships this summer What are the chances the iMac refresh will happen at the same time? or will it be in the Fall instead?

    Stay positive!! iMacs should get an update soon with a free Lion upgrade. At least I hope.

    I think iMac overhaul is in the fall right after the back to school deals are over......

    Basically all systems besides MBA and MBP are overdue for an update. iMac and Mac Pro especially.

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  • tiramisu
    Aug 15, 01:56 PM
    see a little demo animation for search inside the safari app.


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 15, 05:15 PM
    OSX was not built on UNIX, it is Mach/XNU with a BSD subsystem, it is UNIX-like, much like linux.

    OS X is Unix, it is not Unix-like much like Linux.

    It is the real deal, Unix '03 certified and all. The BSD userland qualifies as genuine Unix and the kernel provides the entire required POSIX syscall interfaces to pass the certification tests :


    So yes, in a sense, OS X is built on top of Unix, NeXT's implementation of it which happens to use a Berkeley userland and a Carnegie made Mach kernel.

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  • wovel
    Apr 28, 12:28 PM
    So the iPhone went from being pummeled by Android to now just being badly beaten.

    That is Awesome.

    There is not a single Android device that outsold the iPhone 3GS. That is pathetisad...


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  • maclaptop
    May 5, 04:54 AM
    are you sure?

    Not gonna happen

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  • 33scottie33
    Sep 29, 10:40 PM
    I get about the same drop rate or worse in the DC Metro area. I also have friends on AT&T that have their text messages go to the wrong person. Thinking seriously of getting a Verizon BB and an iPod Touch to replace my iPhone. :(:(:( Sorry :apple:


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  • Dopeyman
    Feb 11, 02:43 PM
    ..... Kind of reminds me of his Ferris Bueller character!

    same here

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  • awideseaofeyes
    Aug 15, 06:18 PM
    does anyone know a rough date for its release?


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  • gaswerks
    Apr 13, 09:24 PM
    halt ...

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  • mc68k
    Nov 30, 12:11 PM
    Here is a link to Atlas's machine stats, it's freeking awesome (http://atlasfolding.com/fahstats/summary.html)to look at!!!!!man the failed stats there are pretty big


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  • bvz
    Apr 26, 05:57 PM
    smug free screen? Apple will never eliminate smugness in its products! :)

    happy former owner of a 27" i7 imac that was stolen last month. Looking forward to replacing it with this new one.

    I saw and got my hands on a possible prototype IMac that had a touchable screen and a smug free screen. It also had the earlier uncoded virtual keyboard in the Lion OS. though it was only a prototype but a very realistic one for production. I believe it to be the IMac I and my father both got our hands on earlier this year.:apple:

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  • lmalave
    Oct 19, 08:18 AM
    Its clear Apple is missing something in the midrange desk top line. Its time for the Cube or Macintosh or headless iMac or Max Mini or something. iMac isnt for everyone and the world has billions of big beautiful displays just waiting for a midrange Mac but if Apple prices it again the same as the towers it will be another failure. Its way past time for the next Macintosh. Needs a real GPU, at least 1 expansion slot and should be priced right along with ugly iMac:D or a pinch below.

    This is not beyond the realm of possibility. I could see Apple modifying the Mac mini at some point to make the graphics card more accessible and upgradeable. But of course it would be a laptop graphics card and not a full desktop graphics card. Do ATI / nVidia sell something like mini-PCI graphics cards to consumers?

    But anyway, althought it's a possibility I think it's a slim one, since gamers are just not Apple's focus right now...


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  • nies
    Apr 18, 10:59 AM

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  • dollystereo
    Jul 24, 03:54 PM
    Mighty mouse sux anyway, very bad built quiality.


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  • ayeying
    Oct 18, 08:23 PM
    are you really folding on an air?

    Yes. It's a great machine and very capable. I don't experience any overheating issues or such. However, at night, when I'm asleep, I run it on a cooling pad in the kitchen for those "just-in-case" moments. However, during the day, I just run it without the cooling pad since it's pretty loud.

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  • solafide
    Apr 29, 02:48 PM
    I wonder if this new pricing scheme is being enabled by the record labels with lower wholesale pricing to Amazon (to try, yet again, to take power out of Apple's hands), or if Amazon is simply doing this at a loss?

    Why would Amazon want to take a loss - to support non-Apple mp3 players?

    For Apple, they are not making much, if any money - they always planned it as a break-even business - the real value was the content eco-system tied to their products (= value for customers).

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  • hofer
    Apr 25, 08:27 AM
    "The T-Mobile US network uses different frequencies than AT&T's, requiring different hardware to support."

    It surprises me that it would need different hardware. I know that it is possible to jailbreak a AT&T phone to work with T-mobile. so apparently it can be done with software.

    Jul 25, 09:17 AM
    Nope, I checked. No educational discount on the mighty mouse. :(

    Your kidding?

    PS: Maybe I can get an Edu discount on it, also.

    Apr 22, 04:40 PM
    Yeah, yeah, yeah...but is it gonna come in white? :p

    Aug 25, 05:48 AM
    Amazing how an 11 year old guy got to know about passing bar test??

    Dec 30, 08:33 AM
    A wild Snorlax appears....

    Yeah, I've heard that before. Apparently, she's become somewhat of a cliche' in Photoshop contests on Fark.com.

    Apr 12, 09:22 AM
    Aren't we quickly getting to the point where it's all about the software?

    Ok, so we know iPhone 5 will get dual core A5....big deal. It'll be nice to have the extra power, but the iPhone 4 now is no slouch.

    Added RAM.....yeah, that would be nice....but not going to suddenly sell more phones because it has more RAM :p

    Display won't get any better resolution-wise. Doubt they'd go with a larger screen either.

    Better cameras....ok.....still, the iPhone 4 cameras are no slouch, and it's not like it will reach the quality of a nice DSLR with those tiny sensors.

    Better graphics processing.....sure.....but it's not like it has to drive a 9.7" screen like the iPad.

    I'd say Apple is smartly switching into software mode. Kick ass with iOS5, revamp notifications, make some much needed overhauls to the system, and optimize performance for todays devices (iPhone 4, iPad & iPad 2).

    Apple is going to stay ahead with software. That's the way Apple is and always has been.


    Pretty much agree with everything you said though I do HOPE for a increased screen size on the 5.

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