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selena gomez and justin bieber 2011 grammys

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  • FriarNurgle
    Apr 13, 02:33 PM
    I can see them licensing AirPlay to third party, but Apple would do best to stick with upgrading and expanding the functionality of the cute hockey puck sized ATV.
    $99 is an amazing price point for the ATV and pretty much everyone has HDTVs. I would love to see a native screen mirroring function for iOS and Macs, but we are more likely to see an Apple branded subscription and iAd supplemented media streaming service to compete with Pandora and Netflix.

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 22, 04:13 PM

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  • playaj82
    Jul 28, 09:27 AM
    iTunes, iPod, Music Store, TV Shows, etc.....

    Apple's efforts have been just as long term as Microsoft's. Apple just seems more segmented because they don't disclose info ahead of time. Apple had the advantage of being the first with all of these.

    Microsoft has no choice, they have to announce we will be able to do this stuff or nobody will listen. In reality, all of these endeavors require a long term effort because you need partners to really entrench the product.

    The iPod is special because you have thousands of companies and products that have brought it so deep, people can't get out.

    Switch from iPod, you Beemer can't play your new MP3 Player
    Switch from iPod, all your other accessories become obsolete.

    Microsoft must follow this path or the Zune will never have an effect. Unless they focus on a 5 year or 7 year plan with this product, it will flop for sure.

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  • 153957
    Jul 26, 05:58 AM
    It's also likely to lead to a Douglas Adams-esque end-of-the-world pandemic scenario! Euuuh!

    As DNA prophesied:
    "A loud clatter of gunk music flooded through the Heart of Gold cabin as
    Zaphod searched the sub-etha radio wavebands for news of himself. The machine was rather difficult to operate. For years radios had been operated by means of pressing buttons and turning dials; then as the technology became more sophisticated the controls were made touch-sensitive � you merely had to brush the panels with your fingers; now all you had to do was wave your hand in the general direction of the components and hope. It saved a lot of muscular expenditure of course, but meant that you had to sit infuriatingly still if you wanted to keep listening to the same programme.
    The music swirled and dived for a moment. Another voice broke in, presumably Halfrunt. He said: �Vel l, Zaphod�s jist zis guy you know?� but got no further because an electric pencil flew across the cabin and through the radio�s on/off sensitive airspace. Zaphod turned and glared at Trillian � she had thrown the pencil."


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  • Glideslope
    Apr 28, 07:38 PM
    The iPhones kind of look like oreos from those views.

    The new ones with the chocolate covering on top of filling and one wafer are to kill for. :apple:

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  • Plutonius
    Apr 21, 11:12 AM
    It's good to see you in the game Jav.

    Aggie and Jav nice to one another == One or both are WW.
    Aggie and Jav mean to one another == Neither are WW.



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  • shawnce
    Nov 6, 09:55 AM
    No I've been waiting for VM to get their butt in gear to launch Workstation. Parallels was simply a work around, a crappy one at that, until I could get VMWare. There is simply no way in heck I'm spending $80 on a piece of software that can crash my system. And before someone tells me to use Bootcamp. Yah right. Advanced Power Management does not work right under Bootcamp even with the latest version. When Parallels starts making a product that
    1. Doesn't crash\freeze my system
    2. Doesn't require me to force quite the application once every couple of weeks because the progress bar when I'm suspending a session has stalled.
    3. Doesn't have sharing between folders that takes a good 5 seconds to parse the files and doesn't drop a file mapping in your file explorer.
    4. Doesn't have the world's crappiest networking passthrough. I can't count how many times I've gone from one network to another to another and had it get confused telling me I might have limited network connectivity. So I need to repair the connection.

    Parallels sucks but until now its been the only REAL game in town. Again... weird... I don't have any of the problems you are reporting on the now 4 different systems we run parallels on (2 x MacBook Pro 1 and 2 GiB, 2 x Mac Pro 2 and 6 GiB). On all system not a single crash, system lockup or stall and Windows XP Pro fells like it runs faster then on my dedicated Dell system.

    One thing you have to realize is that when Parallels fires up a VM it wires down all of the memory for that VM. So basically it is making the VM memory fully unavailable for use by Mac OS X. If your VMs are large and your working set for the applications you are running on Mac OS X is also large then you will get swapping.

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  • Stridder44
    Jul 25, 08:23 AM
    But will the corded Mighty Mouse get laser too?


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  • jaw04005
    May 3, 07:42 AM
    Not really sure why Apple can't bring themselves to put an i7 by default in a $2,000 machine. That's kind of ridiculous.

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  • Stella
    Jul 24, 03:59 PM
    come on, Apple! what we're all really waiting for is a mouse with force-feedback. for all these games.

    Logitech did that years ago with two range of mice.

    Now, they are no where to be seen. They were a gimmic.


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  • paradox00
    Apr 13, 02:18 PM
    If Apple comes out with a TV are we all going to start fighting over which cable or satellite provider is better? :p

    None the above?

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    Apr 14, 03:01 PM
    I use my 3GS everyday at work as my ipod. After work, i get in my truck plug my phone in...43- 50%. After the 4.3.1 update i my phone went dead after 5 hours of ipod play. I had to turn off all location services, ect to squeek through the 8 hour day and plug it in after work at under 10% :confused:. Hope this update fixes the battery drain issue!


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  • djkny
    Oct 24, 08:13 AM
    one bit of good news -- the "older" standard 15" MBP refurbs are now only $1449!

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  • attila
    Apr 15, 01:19 PM
    Any news in the latest build of Lion? When can I install it and be sure most works? :D

    (on Snow Leopard)


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  • applesith
    Apr 29, 03:01 PM
    I wonder if this new pricing scheme is being enabled by the record labels with lower wholesale pricing to Amazon (to try, yet again, to take power out of Apple's hands), or if Amazon is simply doing this at a loss?

    Why would Amazon want to take a loss - to support non-Apple mp3 players?

    For Apple, they are not making much, if any money - they always planned it as a break-even business - the real value was the content eco-system tied to their products (= value for customers).

    Gain market share for Amazon. Like last year when they sold MP3 albums at a loss.

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  • deloreanz
    Mar 16, 10:08 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Honestly I think they just showed up. There has been significantly less people in line today than yesterday.

    They say they have no ATT models, and 'limited' wifi options in white or black.

    I would guess if anyone shows up now it's a gamble but you never know.


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  • Intell
    Apr 30, 04:21 PM
    Down, down through the could went the ship. Faster and faster, until it came to a stop near a few portals. lbro jumped right out, and ran to the nearest one. chrmjenkins and jav6454 followed him across the cold ground. "Dang it! We need a fuel cell for this thing!" lbro exclaimed. "Why don't you take the one out of your book?" chrmjenkins offered.

    "You know, that might just work." lbor ran back to the ship and came back with a book that said Don't Panic on the side of it. He flipped it upside-down popped out the fuel cell and tossed Don't Panic aside into a nearby mud puddle. The fuel cell was a size BBB, but the portal needed a BB. lbor, in desperation wedged a few coins into the cell slot along with the fuel cell.

    The portal soon turned on and opened into another real, that just so happened to be warm and sunny with little elves walking around. "No, I don't think that's right." lbro said as he spun the Z hold knob. After seeing many wonderful things, he finally got it right. Through he went. chrmkenins was not as accustomed to portal traveling. He stood about and fought with himself until jav6454 pushed him right in.

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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 14, 03:52 PM
    Seriously. People should go pick up another phone (Android) or a BB and then come back to cry about how laggy their phone is. No matter what apple does will make those people happy.

    I'd rather take sandpaper to my arse than use an Android phone.

    There, get the point? I didn't say I wanted another phone, I just don't want the OS experience I'm using to degrading, but then look what Apple done to the iPhone 3G.

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  • Darkroom
    Jun 6, 09:14 AM
    sure. apple has no problem giving a refund, as they keep their 30% that the developer now has to pay. that's a cool $300 that apple just ripped off from the developer all to protect their mistake and their idiot customers.

    Nov 10, 05:34 PM

    I'll probably end up buying them for myself


    where you've been? abercrombies lowest quality company has been around almost 10 years lol

    Nov 10, 07:27 AM
    another brand that plasters its name all over their stuff


    Oct 24, 08:45 AM
    I apologize for the big letters. I'm a mac newb and this will be my first mac. I have been waiting for this new macbook to buy and whats funny is that I walked into the Mac Store yesterday, the guy new everything about the product but seemed a little too clueless about the product cycle. He was like.. "uh, could be next February but no one ever knows". I asked how releases are typically handled for macs. He replies "I'm not really sure. It's anyone's guess". So I knew he was trying to avoid talking about it.

    Mar 16, 09:34 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Wow I wish I got to brea earlier. About 35th in line. I wonder how much it would take to buy the first spot in line....

    Oct 23, 10:46 AM
    What Microsoft is trying to prevent is running a data center off one copy of Home Edition. You would do it by buying an 8-core computer then installing one copy of Home edition and then VMware and then running a dozon virtual machiones each with another copy of Home Edition installed. What Microsoft is saying now ios that in order to do this you need to buy the "Big Bucks Edition" of Vista.

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