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orlando bloom miranda kerr

orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr
  • Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr

  • FarFromSubtle
    May 3, 08:09 AM
    4-6 weeks for an SSD upgrade?!?!

    Steve jobs: "umad?"

    Looks like another month of waiting for me!

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom, was spotted
  • Orlando Bloom, was spotted

  • Mord
    Apr 25, 11:02 AM
    In all ways except plumbing, she's a woman.
    Are you mad enough to join in the beat down?

    Not that I don't appreciate your sentiment, but her pluming has been reported as female (unless you mean a womb?). Though yes, even if it wasn't it wouldn't change the fact that she's a woman

    People seem to be making all kinds of assumptions about this girl they've never met, it's ridiculous.

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom is back with his
  • Orlando Bloom is back with his

  • gnasher729
    Apr 29, 02:55 PM
    Apple pays 70% straight to the record companies, which would be $0.90. If Amazon pays the same, then they have $0.21 loss before they even start. Or Amazon gets different prices than Apple, which would need some explaining.

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr
  • Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr

  • cadillac1234
    Apr 13, 02:18 PM
    analysts and experts who rely on foreign trade show innuendo and gossip.

    Remind me again why I don't like investing in the stock market


    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom and Miranda
  • Orlando Bloom and Miranda

  • itsmemuffins
    Apr 29, 04:50 AM
    i hope this turns into a class action suit. I'm so frikken sick and tired of apple making all these tiny mistakes and playing the silent game about it. So sick and tired. They are not god, they need to take responsibility for their mistakes.


    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Miranda Kerr Is Pregnant With
  • Miranda Kerr Is Pregnant With

  • CWT1965
    Apr 12, 09:35 AM
    Am sure Steve will want to launch this one, can't wait to see him back on stage again


    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom won#39;t be walking
  • Orlando Bloom won#39;t be walking

  • savar
    Oct 3, 09:45 AM
    I get about the same drop rate or worse in the DC Metro area. I also have friends on AT&T that have their text messages go to the wrong person. Thinking seriously of getting a Verizon BB and an iPod Touch to replace my iPhone. :(:(:( Sorry :apple:

    That's so weird. I live in DC and for my job I drive all around the greater metro area. And I can't even remember ever dropping a single call.

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. orlando-loom-miranda-kerr-cab
  • orlando-loom-miranda-kerr-cab

  • baryon
    Apr 22, 04:32 PM
    Don't like the teardrop design. Also the mockup doesn't look right in many ways. I'm sure Apple would make something much less complex-looking and less cluttered. The home buttons looks bad. Why are we so confident about this report? It's just another rumor, where's the question mark from the title?


    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
  • Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

  • rusty2192
    Apr 9, 08:47 AM
    Spent the day yesterday at Keeneland Race Track for opening day of its spring meet. I'll be heading back both today and tomorrow. I still have a ton of photos to sort through and process, so there should be more coming. I just wanted to get one up to set the mood :D

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5065/5602606471_c9db6d7ba1.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/48874590@N02/5602606471/)
    IMG_3626 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/48874590@N02/5602606471/) by Rusty2192 (http://www.flickr.com/people/48874590@N02/), on Flickr

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bllom and Miranda Kerr
  • Orlando Bllom and Miranda Kerr

  • Waybo
    Apr 3, 09:47 PM
    Tugboat in Miami Port, as we cruised on by.
    ISO 200, 120 mm, 0 ev, f/6, 1/400.
    C&C welcome & appreciated!


    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
  • Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

  • meridio
    Aug 20, 05:38 AM
    Hi, I'm new :)

    Looking at the screenshots my impression is that the Finder is exactly the same as the "old" one. Does this mean that one of the secret feature is a completely new Finder?

    (btw.. other screenshots of leopard and in particular XCode and Xray: http://www.macinquirer.net/page0/page0.php)

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
  • Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

  • Mystikal
    Mar 16, 03:11 PM
    Yes this was at Irvine Spectrum. The Apple guy said to try again tomorrow.

    Has anyone heard from Mission Viejo??

    Heres my probably wrong theory:
    Fashion island got them yesterday.
    South Coast got them today.
    Spectrum tomorrow? Maybe =\.


    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Celebrity Style: Miranda Kerr
  • Celebrity Style: Miranda Kerr

  • joeshell383
    Dec 20, 01:58 AM
    V.I.S.T.A (Virus Infections Spyware Trojans Adware)

    I like that one :D

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Miranda Kerr on the catwalk
  • Miranda Kerr on the catwalk

  • shurcooL
    Apr 29, 12:45 AM
    Still sneaky of Apple to advertise it as the same thickness as the black one...
    As long as we're on the topic of measuring millimeters, notice how the screen on the physical iPhone 3GS is slightly smaller than on box picture (as well as pictures used on Apple.com website).


    I don't know if the same applies for iPhone 4.


    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom Is Engaged To
  • Orlando Bloom Is Engaged To

  • lpingaud
    Oct 2, 10:14 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2009/09/29/atandt-dropped-call-rate-of-30-considered-normal-in-new-york-city/)

    Gizmodo reports (http://gizmodo.com/5370493/apple-genius-bar-iphones-30-call-drop-is-normal-in-new-york) that one of its readers recently visited the Genius Bar at the SoHo Apple retail store (http://www.apple.com/retail/soho/) in New York City complaining that 30% of his attempted calls were being dropped, and was informed after testing that such performance was considered normal by AT&T's standards for the area. The reader provided Gizmodo with a copy of the Genius Bar work authorization form noting the technician's assessment of the situation.AT&T has acknowledged that it has struggled with service performance in areas of high iPhone density such as the New York City and San Francisco Bay areas, and has recently taken steps (http://www.macrumors.com/2009/09/02/atandt-announces-850-mhz-3g-coverage-improvements-in-new-york-city-and-other-markets/) to enhance 3G service in those and other markets.

    Article Link: AT&T Dropped Call Rate of 30% Considered Normal in New York City (http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2009/09/29/atandt-dropped-call-rate-of-30-considered-normal-in-new-york-city/)

    if ATT admits that 30% of dropped calls is normal, it will be normal that they give discounts ?!?!?!?! they wouldnt think thats normal !!!! what a shame to have the best phone on the worst service operator ...

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. orlando bloom miranda kerr
  • orlando bloom miranda kerr

  • strausd
    May 3, 11:33 PM
    Disappointing, but expected. This actually brings up more questions than answers though:

    1) Is this a permanent move to a Fall Release of the iPhone?

    2) When, if ever, are they going to unite the CDMA and GSM iPhone releases (possibly in iPhone 5 with "World Chip")?

    3) Does this affect the timing of iOS's release, which has traditionally been released with the new iPhone and has been centered around the iPhone's hardware?

    4) The iPod touch has traditionally been released months after the iPhone. If the iPhone is released around Sept, will they release the iPod touch along with it?

    Meh, I don't have an upgrade for 1.5 years, so it doesn't matter to me. But still interesting.

    Also, would they be pushing it back for a possible 4G capable iPhone?

    And I would bet anything they will have white and black from day 1.


    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
  • Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

  • yac_moda
    Jul 26, 05:04 PM
    I sent Apple a long description about how to build a GPS location service into .Mac, iPods, PowerMacs, and with a proximity sensor.

    This was right after the kid in NY was killed for his iPod.

    Remember SJ promised a fix for this.

    I wonder if the proximity sensor will be wiresless disposable earphones :confused:

    As for REMOTE TOUCH I still think all touch screen actions will work best with the fingers on the BACK of the device and with them graphically and transparently reflected over the interface.

    And probably the ULTIMATE use of finger laser tracking would be a keyboard that has keys with multiple depths, dispose of those shift keys ! I also sent them a suggestion for a keyboard like this but that idea did not use laser tracking, it used a new type of button :eek:

    If the touch area for the hands were just flat wings on the back the swung outwards, they could also act as a support for the screen EXACTLY LIKE the traditional book holder:eek: :eek: :eek:

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom
  • Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom

  • spyderracer393
    Jul 24, 08:48 PM
    I voted negative on this story. As I was hoping that Apple would concentrate on fixing the sticking scrollbars on the current Mighty Mouses, (or make it easier to open them and clean) before they just made it wireless.

    Also, I'n not a big fan of using batteries in mice. Why not have a wireless mouse that is re-chargable? Or one that you can use wires with if the battery gets low?

    well, is it possible that they have fixed the issues, we don't know, so don't make suppositions.

    Second, if you don't like batteries, go out and buy some lithium-ion AA batteries, they are pretty cheap and work great.

    orlando bloom miranda kerr. Miranda Kerr amp; Orlando Bloom
  • Miranda Kerr amp; Orlando Bloom

  • dongmin
    Aug 15, 10:06 PM
    Your lucky day. Look at the search bar on http://images.macrumors.com/downloads/leopardsafarifind.jpgWhy not integrate internet search into Spotlight??? I search the internet far far more than I do Spotlight (I barely use Spotlight--too sluggish on my iBook). If they'd integrate google, wiki, amazon, etc. people'd be using Spotlight all day long. Get people into the habit!

    Apr 23, 10:47 PM
    What's so great about the rating arrows is you can tell who's got the balls to share honestly, versus the suck ups with high positive ratings for being perfect yes men.

    Nothing ever improves without candid feedback. Yes men breed dysfunction and stagnation. Rock on boys..:)

    Not sure which bucket you're putting me in :-)

    Apr 15, 08:26 PM
    I hope this OS is to be bought & downloaded through the App Store.
    Why the app store?

    Mar 31, 02:47 PM
    When I got my iPad, the first app I fell in love with was the Cal. I remember saying to multiple people that I hope this makes its way in the Apple Os... This is a huge improvement!


    Mar 31, 11:13 AM
    Can someone confirm there isn't going to be a to-do list in Lion? This is ridiculous!

    Before I scare everyone, maybe I need to get my facts straight... is there one? I certainly couldn't find any on the iOS version, which is why I bought a program called Todo (by Appigo) to handle that functionality on my iPad. Since I'm on the go far more often than I'm at my desk, this is where I've been keeping my to-do items. That and Google Calendar.

    So I guess what I'm really asking for is integrated to-do list support on the iOS calendar.

    Jun 6, 08:45 PM
    Well there is always this woman


    LOL, she wouldn't blink an eye @ $1000 app thanks to her "fame" for popping out more kids than she could otherwise take care of, lol.

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