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  • blondepianist
    Apr 15, 04:11 PM
    Well Apple has used up all the "big cat" names like Tiger and Lion which means that either OS 11 is underway or they will be in the embarassing situation of having to use lesser cat names which imply "less".

    Ocelot, Cheetah, Cougar, Fluffy, etc......:cool:

    I for one am ready for OS 11.0 "Merlot"

    Merlot - I like it!

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  • citi
    Apr 22, 05:48 PM
    I really don't see them adding the dual core chip to the iPhone or the iPod Touch, maybe an increase in processor speed but I think the more powerful processor is going to be reserved for the iPad now.

    The A5 is coming. It has too. Too many dual core phones coming out.

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  • sth
    May 3, 08:13 AM
    Really good to see the update (finally)... but I am disappointed they didn't bring the 24" back :(

    The 27" is too big, and the resolution on the 21.5 is laughable for an upgrade of this magnitude.
    The 21.5" is about the same size as the 24", just cut down to a 16:9 aspect ratio. (1920x1080 resolution instead of 1920x1200 on the old 24")

    But the next iMac upgrade should be pretty amazing. (8-core base model?)
    Not until Intel releases such a CPU.

    Having gotten used to a 24" panel, it's hard to step down to a 21.5. Obviously, it's nice to step up to the 27", if one has the extra disposable income. The 16GB RAM is a nice reality option, especially if the default were 8GB.
    I hope you don't consider getting the RAM as a BTO option directly from Apple since that would be just a waste of money. Get the 27" model and upgrade the RAM yourself.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 06:16 PM
    This would make a possible model for Videotron and Wind Mobile in Canada and probably give Apple more carrier options in other countries also. It makes sense in a non-US Centric view.

    And looking at "carrier acquisitions" here, Rogers acquired Fido ages ago, yet even though the networks worked on the same GSM bands, they still haven't merged. An AT&T purchase of T-mobile would probably take years for a merge to even occur, and a few technology changes. AT&T isn't going to retrofit T-mobile's network and change their frequencies, requiring all the existing customer base to change phones.

    So even in a US Centric view, it makes a lot of sense. Basically, don't let an AT&T acquisition of T-mobile trick you into thinking this is a false rumor.


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  • Surely
    Sep 13, 06:32 PM
    ^^^The food's pretty good. I was never disappointed.

    hubba hubba. i guess? hahaha

    3 month supply set me back $70 with copay. $370 with no insurance!! :eek: Boys are lucky.

    Nice edit.:D

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  • bakerzdosen
    Apr 13, 07:39 PM
    Agreed. Who in their right mind would buy this? I don't care when the iPhone 5 comes out - I've stuck with my 3g for this long, I'm not going to cave now and get an iPhone 4 - even if it is white. It's all about contracts. If I'm going to be stuck with something for 2 years, it had better be the best available at the time of purchase.

    Personally, although I really like Apple, I hope that iPhone 4 sales tank in the next month or two. 1 year and 3 months is too long to have the iPhone 4 be your flagship phone product - especially when you don't communicate it to your customers. But, knowing my luck, sales will take off when they don't announce anything in June. :(


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  • asdf542
    Apr 22, 09:39 AM
    Many get garbage 3G speeds on AT&T in many areas anyway, so what's the point of having a 4G iPhone that GSM provider (insert AT&T) in the US can't even support on a mass basis?


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  • rovex
    Apr 22, 05:41 PM
    Um no, they do not break very easily. Maybe a gorilla might break it easily.

    well mine sure did, and my iPad's not responding when I double click for multitasking. I'm no gorilla, it's called "wear and tear", maybe you haven't heard of it?


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  • thisisahughes
    Apr 14, 09:22 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    possibly Apple TV?

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  • 081440
    Aug 16, 05:55 PM
    So far, Leopard is something I'm not willing to pay for.

    I expected just a little bit of a UI change, it just looks like a little updated version of Tiger.

    I really wonder what these top secret features are because the current features aren't impressing me enough to open my wallet.

    Don't speak too soon. Just because you don't know what the new features are doesn't mean you won't like them!


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  • marksman
    Apr 22, 11:24 AM
    Translation: Apple's new iPhone, code named Anorexia, couldn't possibly hold 2 chips! We aim to make a phone so thin, a postage stamp would add bulk.

    Yeah while Apple realizes people want their mobile smartphone to be small and portable as that is a key part of the puzzle the rest of the industry is trying to duplicate this:


    with a touch screen.

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  • RavageScourge
    Nov 16, 04:38 PM
    I am getting an iPhone now YAY, along with a �30/mo contract but the phone costs �149 so the �149 is my christmas present... then i'll have a macbook (got that 2 months ago and loving it) and an iPhone two things i've wanted for ages


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  • goobot
    Apr 22, 04:36 PM
    ya no,

    any rumors on hspa+?

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  • Plutonius
    Apr 28, 06:35 PM
    nies was a wolf, appleguy123 has been killed by her.

    Nies is a she ?????


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  • boodyup
    Apr 26, 12:27 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Seriously, can you do anything without Apple getting their cut? It seems odd that you would buy music from them then have to pay to store it. It's like earning your paycheck after income and state tax are taken out and then buying something with the money and getting charged sales tax on it.

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    Nov 1, 11:48 AM
    Man, buy an Seagate Theater+, i have this one. Better than WD and much less.

    I paid 70$ at newegg.com


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  • jasvncnt
    Apr 15, 08:22 AM
    Why would i buy the white iphone 4 when i already have one

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  • toddybody
    Apr 25, 12:40 PM
    I am mentally jumping for joy!

    My newest computer is a 17" 2006 iMac. I play (some of) the latest PC games, I develop games and I edit trailers/other mid-high endery stuff. My iMac is a beast for getting through this far but it's starting to really show its age.

    As soon as the new models are out you can consider a 27" bought. Words can't express how much I'm looking forward to this.

    Looking forward to owning my first glossy display too. I imagine it's beautiful for photo editing+gaming.

    Glad to see another PC Gamer + Mac User on the forums. One day my friend, we could perhaps game on our Macs...one day:( *soft weeping

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  • SeanZy
    Mar 16, 10:41 AM
    Brea had a good number of Verizon models and a few WiFi, but no AT&T. GSM models are obviously being saved for the international launch.

    How many wifi models did they have? Particularly 32GB. My friend got out of line, wondering if he would have gotten one.

    Jul 25, 10:12 AM
    Never heard of the cartoon character Mighty Mouse (Here he comes to save the daaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!). Apple had to license the name from Viacom.

    LOL! i remember that cartoon. haha, i think i might still have a vhs tape somewhere

    Apr 29, 06:04 PM
    It would seem unusual to give a company with 10% of the revenue at least 35% rebate over a company with 90% of the revenue. This looks very much anti-competitive to me.

    They have even much cheaper downloads sometimes; I suspect some were pricing mistakes. The iTunes LP "Plastic Beach" by Gorillaz was �1.69 (18 songs, one video + extras), probably a mistake :-) "24 Hour of Classical Music" is exactly that for �7.99.

    You know that you have to pay tax on all items that you buy without paying sales tax? Most people just "forget" to tell the tax man.

    anti-competitive when the prices goes down..??

    wow, which planet do you live on..?

    Apr 13, 02:00 PM
    Highly unlike that Apple will release an actual tv. More probable are televsions from major manufacturers that have air play functionality built in.

    This. I can see manufacturers adopting Airplay or eventually adopting something more sophisticated like actual software from apple to mimic that of the Apple TV

    Apr 13, 10:45 PM
    I'm not sure why we even need an iPhone 5.

    The iPhone 4 is a great form factor. It does the job. At most what it needs is a spec jump (64GB, and maybe clock the CPU faster) and that should hold people over for another year.

    I mean, before we had:

    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 3Gs (pretty much the same form factor but faster CPU)
    iPhone 4

    I suspect we may get an iPhone 4 plus or something like that.

    Also, do you people really need a new phone every year? I had my Treo 650 for nearly four years. The only reason I only kept my Palm Pre for less than a year was that it started having hardware problems.

    This makes me sad. The palm pre part. It was a great phone, but unfortunately its hardware was terrible. It may have been to palm what the iPod was to Apple if only they hadn't slacked in that area. Quite a shame...

    Jun 7, 07:32 AM
    In 5 years he'll be the one that "accidentally" updated to the newest firmware and lost his jailbreak/unlock, and floods the forums with "what do now?????hurr durr"

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