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brad pitt 2011 april

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 23, 06:50 PM
    It's obvious that at this point in time sales of any one phone model is going to be quite a bit less than iPhone sales. Model for model, nothing is close.

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  • kainjow
    Nov 4, 10:27 AM
    Well. I have to say Bravo! VMWare!!!!
    It use SOOOOOOO little amount of memory compare to Parallels (4xxMB vs 2.xxGB), so there is better system performance. I cannot wait to test it on my Macbook but the different on my Mac Pro was HUGE!!

    I agree. VMware is already very good for a private beta (don't ask me how I got it ;)). Very fast already, and the app itself starts up about 5x faster than Parallels. And it uses a Cocoa native interface yay!

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  • -aggie-
    Apr 29, 03:53 PM
    Me too. Given the theme i was already picturing myself as the marquee artist of the production ;)

    anyway, the situation right now is:
    eldiablo: 4 (dontpanic, chrmjenkins, aggie, ucfgrad)
    chrmjenkins: 1 (jav)

    not voted yet: Lbro, eldiablo

    not much room to maneouvre for eldiablo, except in deciding who to infect (if he hasn't done it already).

    so tomorrow should be 4 vs 1 (or 5 vs 1 if the hunter is successful). with everyone with equal chances of being wolfized.
    it's like starting a new game, a tricky one with two shots at finding the wolf

    I wasn�t the one who held up the night, since I gave my scan request to intell early, so I�m guessing one of the hunters is either not playing or not participating enough. Anyway, I�d appreciate the hunter protecting me from whoever gets infected.

    Feel free to recommend who you want scanned.

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  • !� V �!
    Apr 25, 02:30 PM
    Yes. Usually from the time the launch day is announced to a month or two after it ships. In the past there has been a $10-20 media charge but if 10.7 ships via the app store I guess it will be free or some nominal amount like $1 to satisfy any accounting rules.

    Ditto. :apple: Usually sets a timeframe, or Mac model that would have been released shortly before the next major OS upgrade. They do this to lure in developers to the newer version of they OS and to demonstrate to the press that the Mac community in majority have adopted the new release. Anything else is just marketing and supposed accounting. :)


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  • julianbc
    Jan 30, 01:00 PM

    WELL SAID WMK!!! - I most agree with the fact that the RETARID amount of money bush has spent has caused the decline in faith of the dollar!
    I'd also like to add that Apple is by no means the biggest loser in this current stock slide and will come back. google lost $200 a share! so, they'll all come back it's all about confidence in the US not what was released at MW.

    Actually... they almost are. Your GOOG comparison is a bit off. If you look at the highs and lows in the last three months of both goog and aapl, you will notice that AAPL dropped ~35% from its high of 200 and GOOG dropped ~27% from its high of 741. VMW took a huge hit yesterday, but it was ~33% and its already climbing back up today.

    For the record, I am long AAPL, but I'd have to say it has been one of biggest, if not the biggest, large cap tech loser. But I'm gonna hold on.

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  • SeanZy
    Mar 16, 08:36 AM
    Wait are you inside?!?!?! I got here about 5:30 and I couldn't get in. Outside Red Robin.

    Good luck with getting one today, my friend is there again second in line I guess. Would have been there if I didnt have class this morning


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  • Frosties
    Mar 31, 10:44 AM
    Still no way to show week number in the calendar. It makes planning a bother for many people world wide. We need our week numbers! it's just one parameter called week Apple. And it's already there in language and text under format .

    Add it already to our PIM, please Mr. Jobs. It's time.

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  • Moyank24
    Apr 25, 08:45 PM
    Nies. I don't have a comparison, but he's acting like he did when he was a werewolf.
    It's not much to go on, but he gave someone a temporary majority in the most nonchalant manner I can think of. It's just a pet theory, but it's the best I got for now.

    I'd hate to agree with you...but I thought that post was weird as well. Maybe it was the ha ha...


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  • appleguy123
    Apr 30, 10:07 PM
    Which is why the real party begins after we know you are gone. When the kids are away, the adults will play. ;)

    Do words have no meaning? There can be no party without me there!

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  • AmpSkillz
    Apr 28, 10:37 AM
    the iPhone doesn't compete against Android. The iPhone competes against all of the handsets running Android. And it's killing them. The 3GS as the second best-selling handset? That's frankly embarrassing for Android.

    So tell me, in what world is having:
    1 - the most popular handset
    2 - the 2nd most popular handset
    3 - the most popular mobile OS
    4 - the most popular tablet
    getting "badly beaten"?

    And don't forget Apple is by far the most successful financially with regards to smartphones or mobile OS, which is the only way it actually counts

    but I disagree that it is embarrassing for Android, they are actually doing well, its the other smartphone makers who should be embarrassed


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  • marksman
    Apr 22, 11:24 AM
    Translation: Apple's new iPhone, code named Anorexia, couldn't possibly hold 2 chips! We aim to make a phone so thin, a postage stamp would add bulk.

    Yeah while Apple realizes people want their mobile smartphone to be small and portable as that is a key part of the puzzle the rest of the industry is trying to duplicate this:


    with a touch screen.

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  • monaarts
    Apr 14, 02:24 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I am going with either universal apps for iOS and Mac or appletv. Nothing else makes sense.


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  • agentdavo
    Apr 18, 12:14 PM
    The all new AppleTV. Available in a range of colours. ;-)

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  • NickZac
    Dec 29, 10:56 PM
    I have to agree it would be interesting to watch her consume all of this.


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  • JRoDDz
    Apr 28, 11:59 PM
    So can we all call the white iPhone.. the iPhone "Fatty"

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  • plinden
    Oct 19, 01:27 AM
    Don't know if this has been posted elsewhere, but Apple's pc share has grown to 6.1% in the US; we trail by 0.3 percentage points for third place.

    10% is in sight. Perhaps by the end of 2007!

    Hmm, interesting. 4.8% -> 6.1% in the US in one quarter. And if their figures for the world wide sales are correct, 2.4% -> 2.7% worldwide.


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  • diamond.g
    Apr 11, 03:04 PM
    reducing the number of cables connected to his computer is what he would be doing. Just one TB could possibly handle all of the cables through a hub.

    Ah, so ultimately there will still be 7+ cables, just not connected to the computer itself.

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  • AidenShaw
    Apr 28, 10:43 PM
    Using my digital calipers the white is .01" thicker, I am using the same case from my black iPhone and it seems to fit just fine. Didn't notice any difference till I heard about it.

    Image (http://i.imgur.com/OeHUV.jpg)

    Steve takes a leave an all hell breaks loose in the "thin" department.

    Enough to officially brand this as the "Pork Iphone", for sure.

    Will the Iphone 5 come in a bacon-wrapped version?

    (Is anyone so slow as to need a <sarcasm> tag here?)

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 14, 04:50 PM
    Anyone feel confident buying a white one given the problems they've had getting one made?

    I wouldn't take the chance, it's upgrade price is going to be $399 :eek:

    Apr 5, 08:29 PM
    The Celebrity Eclipse, tethered in the harbor at George Town, Grand Cayman, shot from the tender transporting us to shore.

    ISO 100, 18 mm, 0 ev, f/7.1, 1/200
    C&C welcome & appreciated.

    Apr 14, 01:44 PM
    The link in this thread still causes me problems:


    Though now Safari crashes a short time after showing the white box problem.

    Jan 26, 01:38 AM


    Nov 10, 10:44 PM
    The reviews have been bad. My buddies at work can't get most sites to work. So, does this mean refunds? Or have people been getting this to work? Just curious.

    Sep 13, 09:10 PM
    I wish it was still that cheap!

    Keith Malley - Can you imagine stand up (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0041ZUB1I?ie=UTF8&child=B0041ZUC2G)

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