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  • SchneiderMan
    Sep 13, 08:17 PM
    Linkin Park A Thousand Suns

    Only one song kicks ass and it's called "Wretches And kings" It's going to be a hit in da clubs. I said it first! :D

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  • n00bst3r
    Oct 18, 05:00 PM
    Maybe if they weren't making a grand on each MBP..

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  • Intell
    Apr 25, 10:35 PM
    You need my approval to sell the sandwhich shop which I (in God-form) have given you. Consider it denied.


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  • VirtualRain
    Apr 5, 09:35 PM
    The Celebrity Eclipse, tethered in the harbor at George Town, Grand Cayman, shot from the tender transporting us to shore.

    ISO 100, 18 mm, 0 ev, f/7.1, 1/200
    C&C welcome & appreciated.

    Nice shot. That ship is monstrous!

    Another of mine from the market...



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  • MacNut
    May 1, 11:53 PM
    To US its a big deal. It's a blow to the Al-Qaeda that doesn't exist anymore. The current one will still function just as it has for nearly a decade in its cell based way. If anything this will just piss off extremists. Don't think for a second some type of retaliation (most likely attacks in the Middle East) won't come about from this.We took down who they thought was invincible. That will hurt their ego and their pride. Will they try to retaliate, sure.

    Who knows what information we may have found in that mansion that could hurt them.

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  • Jayomat
    Apr 22, 05:11 PM
    Damn that looks thin

    that's the current ipod you know?!^^


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  • HasanDaddy
    Mar 15, 10:46 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    And I think they said they might get more in today, but I don't remember exactly?

    Any eta on that I was the guy in the green oregon sweate. Had to take my friends back home and ill maybe come back. Anyone still in line after you holding out for another shipment

    I'll have to rephrase - they didn't say whether they're getting more or not, but they didn't break up the line

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  • lmalave
    Oct 24, 08:10 AM
    against other manufacturer's offerings both spec and pricewise?

    In terms of specs, here's what you can get in an HP Pavilion dv6000t for $1263:

    Windows XP Media Center
    Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo processor T7200 (2.00 GHz)
    15.4" WXGA BrightView Widescreen!!
    256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7400
    Built-in Microphone + Webcam
    1.0GB DDR2 SDRAM (2x512MB)
    120 GB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive
    8X DVD+/-R/RW w/Double Layer Support

    But the HPs are definitely NOT slim computers like the MBPs (you can go check them out at Best Buy). I don't know of any PC makers that are producing anything as slim as the MBPs, so it makes comparisons hard. But in terms of "specs", there you have it. Interestingly, the HPs even offer integrated webcams now, so I was actually able to spec the above computer to something very, very close to the MBPs. I couldn't find an option for integrated Bluetooth, though...


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  • Thomas Veil
    Mar 3, 07:19 PM
    I know somebody who was bipolar, and now that it's controlled by medication, he's a functioning, productive person. Before that he was manic, impossible to get along with, and self-destructive. I don't define that as "him".

    I myself had a very different personality when I was in the grasp of depression. I damn near broke up my marriage, and I was often cruel to my kids. That wasn't "me". This is me. I look on myself back then and am embarrassed at a lot of what I said and did. Though I try to forgive myself for some of that, the fact of the matter is, I own it and I'll always carry a certain amount of guilt at things I did that I cannot take back.

    Sheen only thinks he knows who he is right now.

    And just so this post isn't a total downer...another "Who said it?" quiz (http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/03/its_time_to_play_sheen_beck_or.html). Only this one pits Charlie Sheen against Ghadafi and Glenn Beck. :D

    I only got eight out of 15. :o

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  • mandis
    Aug 2, 05:24 AM
    I will try to ignore your fan-boyish attitude as I find it mindless and undermining of the quality of MacRumors.

    the mac platform is still the choice for the creative class. you won't find more than a handful of print designers using windows. adobe/macromedia sales figures show just about 50/50. creative pros don't care one whit about upgradeability. final cut pro is absolutely devastating the film market right now, eating away at the market share of avid solutions. these are all factual and verifiable.

    No it is not and I dare you to prove me wrong! The majority of the creative class uses pcs period. Software titles like Autocad, 3d Studio Max, Rhino etc. don�t even exist for the mac. Your claims sound pretty much like Apples marketing, which tends to be over the top and pretty damn unrealistic. Also by creative class I obviously mean people like architects, interior designers, furniture designers, and people of fine arts and music. I have no idea what you mean by �print designers�, perhaps you would care to clarify?

    as for your anecdotal evidence of your friends switching back, i'm sure that has happened. i can anecdotally tell you two of my colleagues have switched recently, buying not one, but two laptops each (15" and 17"). thing is my anecdotal evidence is just as useless as yours, all that counts are cold hard numbers and 4.6 is greater than 3.2. clearly mac market share is on the rise.

    You call my personal experience �anecdotal evidence�? Perhaps you need a course in the English language? I would be more than happy to arrange an interview for you at the university of Brighton where I teach in post grad architecture. You could do one of the English courses and learn what the word �anecdotal� really means. As for the legitimacy of my claims you would only need to pay a visit to the UB Art and Design campus to see what once was a computer pool of 120 PowerMacs be filled with 120 brand new Gateway pcs.

    As for your "friends" who bought not one but many MB PROS, I�m sure they did. In fact, if they are one bit like you, they must buy every piece of kit apple throws out of the assembly line. It is not either your fault or theirs though. It is fan-boyism that dictates this behavior and mind you we're not having any of it in these forums.


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  • Le Big Mac
    Oct 23, 11:28 AM
    So this is true?? I suppose this isn't any different than Apple saying that you can't run Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, is it?

    That's what makes all the rancor about this so funny. Depending on the reading of this EULA provision, Apple's limits are still as, or more, restrictive than Microsoft's.

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  • umbriell
    Apr 28, 09:30 AM
    Are people still thinking this is coming out next week? There haven't been any other updates since this story was released and I'm starting to doubt it's going to happen on Tuesday. I'd love to know what GPU the 27" is going to have.

    I'm thinking the same thing. No new iMac news all week! Makes me think it's not coming tuesday. But who knows. Wish we'd get a spec list or something. I'm guessing it's not a huge overhaul of design. Just an innards update with sandy bridge and the latest desktop processors. Hopefully some muscle in the mobile video card options.

    The upgrade that I would absolutely love is a dedicated ssd for OS and frequently used apps (like a 64 gb or 128 gb drive). And then a 1tb platter for storage.


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  • YoNeX
    Nov 3, 01:21 PM
    A lot of the features are missing right now, the preference window only has 2 checkboxes. Just ran into a really nasty bug right now, still buggy.

    There are no settings for VRam, seperate parition/drive, or even shared folders. This is defitantely not like the PC version (right now). But since its beta, more features will probably be added soon.

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 22, 10:25 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Yargggh me crappy ATT! Who cares data speed isn't really the weakpoint right now.

    Image (http://www.speedtest.net/iphone/89711689.png)

    That's not even possible, is it? I thought the iPhone is capped by hardware at 7.2 Mbps?


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  • Blue Velvet
    Feb 28, 01:49 PM
    I'm not saying that I don't think he's abusing some serious drugs, but I think he has more control over what he's doing/saying than we think.


    More Charlie Sheen cats here (http://mediumlarge.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/cats-quote-charlie-sheen/) and here. (http://mediumlarge.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/cats-quote-charlie-sheen-morning-news-edition/)

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  • Webecinya
    Apr 28, 07:48 PM
    Lord let me find my box and pack it back up for a return. You have to be *****ting me, yall get worked up over a mm? Next thing someone will be measuring the mesh that covers the speakers to see if there are any differences....get a job.


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  • halse
    Nov 3, 10:24 AM
    I signed up for this months ago, may have to do so again since I didn't get a reply yet, my guess is that Fusion will be (somewhat) better and (slightly) more expensive than Parallels

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  • Burnsey
    May 2, 01:00 AM

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  • gkarris
    Jan 30, 07:35 PM
    Interesting, considering there are only 194 recognized countries on Earth. Which planet are the other 6 countries located on?


    1. The Arctic
    2. The Antarctic
    3. Canada
    4. Texas
    5. California
    6.+ The Independent Countries located in the Florida Keys...


    Apr 14, 12:23 AM
    I wonder if anyone has been waiting on getting a iPhone 4 because white hasn't been released yet. Well 10 months later here you go.

    Apr 14, 03:36 PM
    Okay, I just reproduced this problem. After which I rolled my eyes and said "What's the big deal?"

    I mean really, this is BEYOND picky. No wonder us Apple users have a reputation for being douchebags.

    I hadn't even NOTICED this until now, and now that I have, I'm not really sure why I'm supposed to care. Honestly, if it's a choice between fixing this and putting more development resources into iOS 5, I much prefer the latter.


    EDIT: I wanted to add that I'd rather my app launch faster than for time to be wasted playing a silly animation. Based on how fast the app comes up, that may be what's going on here.

    Open a stock app, like Messages or Photos.

    Watch the animation, look at how the icons fly off to the edges of the screen and the app you pressed zooms forward from the centre of the screen and into full screen view. That, is the animation for launching an app.

    Now try it on, for example, Infinity Blade, Engadget, TUAW, Dead Space, Final Fantasy 3 (basically 99.9% of third party apps). Notice that when you press the app icon, it dulls as normal, but then the app immediately appears on screen. No home screen icons zooming off to the edges of the screen, no app you are loading zooming forward from the centre of the screen to fill the entire viewable area.

    Only once the app has been loaded, and is in the memory, can you open/close the app and get the animation as normal.

    No doubt you'll say you don't have that on your phone, but there you go.

    Feb 28, 01:48 PM
    It is sad, but he is just having a total mental meltdown. He is clearly delusional if he believes any of the crap he has been spewing lately.

    Apr 28, 11:14 AM
    How do you "win" a platform war?

    Does Google win because they have so many devices running their Android OS? *Marketshare*

    Or does Apple win because you have to buy their hardware in order to get iOS? *Profit*

    Or can we just agree that both platforms are doing insanely well in their respective ways?

    Agreeing on that would be too logical. :D

    Nov 3, 02:06 PM
    all i have to say is that vmware is a strong company financially with a very good long term vision/proven track record, there's no way parallels will survive. there's no way all the hardware companies will fully cooperate with parallels, i don't see them lasting, you're better off putting money in vmware, they'll give you a good product, they've been doing it longer and better. but i understand how it is with firsts, it's always hard to part with them. ;)

    even though i didn't get an invite into the beta program, i'm shocked at how quick they're actually executing. that indian exec at vmware said it would be coming soon at the last wwdc, but this is great.

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