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quotes on courage

quotes on courage. Courage Quotes
  • Courage Quotes

  • Daremo
    Feb 28, 06:11 PM
    Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the 4GB / 50 minute video recording cap? I used Greenpois0n to jailbreak, even though that likely makes no difference. I thought maybe there was something I could install to remove the cap.

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  • king jr quotes on courage.

  • crazy$hark
    May 5, 05:41 PM
    Sometimes when i am using my iphone, four icons randomly popup on the screen and they only go away when i restart the phone. What is this and how can i stop it from doing that. I have a JB iPhone 4 4.3.1

    (screenshot link below)

    quotes on courage. Today#39;s quotes: Courage is
  • Today#39;s quotes: Courage is

  • Fabio_gsilva
    Jul 26, 09:04 PM
    Get a $100 inkjet cd/dvd printer. I use the Epson R320 (has a few more bells and whistles). You can Google images and print just about any kind of image on your discs. They look GREAT!
    Generic ink is about $15 for a complete set! Doesn't look the best for photos but works fine for labels.




    I have a R200 and made a bulk-in to save some money on ink... but i'm not so much satisfied... original ink looks better anyway.

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  • superkatalog
    Jul 24, 04:05 AM


    quotes on courage. There are quotes for courage,
  • There are quotes for courage,

  • Frankydan100
    Apr 4, 05:35 AM

    Another Slightly Stoopid shot this month

    How do I get my dock to look like this anyone???

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  • leaonfm
    May 3, 05:21 PM
    You lost me, Cable image? what's that?


    quotes on courage. Aristotle quote #39;Courage
  • Aristotle quote #39;Courage

  • ciTiger
    May 2, 06:03 PM
    This is a nice initiative! Keep it up!

    quotes on courage. With courage you will dare to
  • With courage you will dare to

  • ann713
    Apr 6, 10:58 PM

    Sure thing, enjoy!



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  • /courage/quotes.phtmlgt;.

  • RawBert
    Dec 25, 03:19 AM
    Damn, I'm loving these muthaz...


    quotes on courage. Defination Of Courage
  • Defination Of Courage

  • DanielCoffey
    May 5, 02:57 PM
    And 4. Are you still liable for it?


    quotes on courage. inspiring quotes Courage+
  • inspiring quotes Courage+

  • benthewraith
    Dec 1, 05:58 PM

    quotes on courage. Quotes--Struggle, Strength
  • Quotes--Struggle, Strength

  • Chrysaor
    Oct 9, 08:55 PM
    Its a nice app, but way overrated.


    quotes on courage. Quotes on Courage | Thomas
  • Quotes on Courage | Thomas

  • techfreak85
    Jan 1, 10:57 AM
    I wonder how many team members don't even know about the passkey/bonus system? Could we up output by educating them about that, as well as client configuration?

    quotes on courage. Sometimes courage is the quiet
  • Sometimes courage is the quiet

  • Dagless
    Sep 26, 12:09 PM
    ooh i forgot another little story of mine.

    me and my girlfriend (we were going out 2 years and 4-5 months at this point) went on holiday with college to Barcelona. we had both just turned 18, me in January my girlfriend just a few days before we left in February. the college said we couldn't share a room! so instead im stuck in a room with this effin arsewipe scally who just got drunk the whole holiday and smoked in the room. what was utterly brilliant was that he actually stole our room card so i couldn't get back in and he went out clubbing with a load of people, with the intention of bringing this girl back to our room. unfortunately he forgot how resourceful i was and i made it seem like i was mugged in the street and they stole my room card. the room card number was changed and i got a new card :D the look on his face when he came back and his card didn't work :D but thats just part of the story.

    thing is we were 18 yet the college said we needed our parents permission to share a room. hell we weren't even having sex back then! we're not having sex now *waiting for the moment like*

    parents and guardians in general need to bloody realize that not every 18 year old is an alcoholic drug taking sex maniac. or every student. but thats another story


    quotes on courage. and courage. ible quotes
  • and courage. ible quotes

  • skunk
    Mar 17, 08:35 PM
    Did this Passidomo woman say what is attributed to her, or not?

    I know right? Christians are totally equivalent in women's clothing to Muslims. I mean, asking for the skirts to be to their knees, for them to not see midriff, or parts of the breast is totally equivalent to making the wear burkhas. And then there is the audacity to ask for them to not be exposed to butt crack on the beach, simply appalling their curtailing of freedom!Why should it be of any importance to you how anyone else cares to dress?

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 4, 10:47 AM
    I don't read FT. so your point is invalid.

    So you enjoy watching them abuse other people, but since it's not you then it's ok?

    What kind of a sick attitude is that? You think it's a good thing that they mistreat their readers? Why? Is it just funny to you or something?


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  • Courage Fine-Art Print

  • cgjohnson
    Feb 20, 01:07 AM
    Hey guys,

    I'm sure that this is a common problem, but I've only seen variations of my problem in the threads I've gone through and none of the suggested fixes from other threads has worked.

    I have a PC running Windows 7 Professional. My iTunes is up to date and I have a 120GB iPod Classic I purchased, oh, maybe 3 years ago? The cord I'm using is the one that came with my 3G iPhone about a year ago and is not damaged.

    When I try to sync my iPod in iTunes, the first time I hook it up to the USB cord, it makes the ding saying that computer recognizes one of the USB ports is in use. Then a notification pops up in the bottom right hand corner saying that the computer is installing software. It will do this for a while and basically nothing happens. It will then randomly make the ding the computer makes when something from a USB port is unplugged, even though I have yet to unplug my iPod and it will say its still installing software. iTunes will not pop up and if I open iTunes it does not recognize that my iPod is plugged in.

    Then if I unplug my iPod and to try and replug it in, my entire iPod will freeze up. It will stay like this for about 6+ hours normally and the battery will be completely drained when it finally unfreezes.

    Now this is where it gets strange...then, if I attempt to sync my iPod again after it no longer frozen, the computer will immediately recognize it, iTunes will pop up, it will sync in like, 1 to 2 minutes and then tell me its OK to Disconnect.

    Then when I try again after a few days, it will do the whole thing all over again, iTunes won't recognize it, the iPod freezes, and then on the second attempt after it unfreezes, syncing it is a breeze!

    My iPhone has NONE of these problems, I plug it in and iTunes immediately recognizes it and syncs it.

    Help? :(

    quotes on courage. quotes about courage and
  • quotes about courage and

  • princealfie
    Nov 30, 08:45 AM
    sure it does...


    Sorry but Tower Records is gone, bankrupt, and off the map in their physical stores. The website is there for comestic reasons.

    quotes on courage. quotes about courage
  • quotes about courage

  • Bern
    Sep 24, 07:56 PM
    I don't think anyone would have a problem with their 18 year old son staying at a mate's place. But then consider what could be going on over there, drinking, drugs, killing hookers - all far worse than 18 year olds trying their hardest to have sex.

    Killing hookers?? :eek:

    Well given your other examples perhaps that just about describes the probable immaturity of an 18 old. Enough said in that case. :rolleyes:

    I just don't understand this whole "he's 18 and and adult" routine. He may be 18 in the eyes of the law, but with no real life experience behind him I hardly think he can be considered mature enough to make adult decisions. What's with this whole "hey presto the law says your an adult so you your all grow up now" ??

    Oct 31, 10:14 AM
    There is a 2GB shuffle!??!?!?!?:eek:

    Now that we have all ragged on Kirk sufficiently, I ask this simple question for you memory geeks out there. When will a 2 gigglebyte chip of the same form factor become available sufficient for a Shuffle "second generation", "version 2"?


    Apr 6, 12:45 PM
    After a little more research I have found my answer. Thanks.

    Apr 7, 06:52 AM
    I have the following rules, but I want to add an "is music" rule... when I do this, my entire library comes up... and putting it as a sub rule on either or both categories doesn't help. Since the rule at the top is "ANY" putting in it's on category rule won't help either because it shows the entire library. If I match "ALL" of the rules, then it will show only songs that are by XX and also have XX in the title.

    My goal is to have anything with XX whether they are in the "(feat. XX)" part of the song title, or whether they are the artist of the song, and I don't want anything but music included.

    Help? Thanks, Dale.

    Dec 1, 06:48 AM
    Nothing very exciting here I'm afraid, but I like to keep my systems as simple as possible. This is my MacBook Pro, my iMac is near to the same!

    Nov 5, 02:35 PM
    Good news. Obviously Obama's administration hasn't done anything that lead to that. just kidding! ;)

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